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  1. Soldering Iron for stippling

    I have used a simple, low cost soldering iron to stipple the grips of several polymer pistols with great results. My only warning is that such mods, despite the fact that they work, reduce the resale value of the pistol.
  2. S&W Victory .22lr pistol

    +1. I have a Supermatic Trophy model and love it. For Steel Challenge matches I went to the Buckmark because it is lighter and easier to modify for steel. The Buckmark is built on the Colt Woodsman design which High Standard later copied for their 22s so I haven't strayed too far from my...
  3. Colt Sporter II dusted off

    I would have just built a complete new upper.
  4. Looking for your thoughts on my (very) subjective load test results.

    To the OP: buy a chrono (Competition Electronics Pro Chrono for less than $100) and most of your questions will be answered. Action pistol shooters who don't think velocity is important will change their mind after their ammo fails to pass the chrono.
  5. .45 Shield

    Miculek made a similar shot at 1000 yards.
  6. Mass Stabbing at Silver City Galleria

    Maybe someone put bacon on his pizza.
  7. ClearArmor 141001 Safety Ear Muffs Shooters Hearing

    NRR is the key. I get as close to or better than 30. When in the Army I was exposed to 55mm recoilless rifle fire, over exposed actually, with only issue ear plugs for protection. I was completely deaf for about four days after and have suffered from tinnitus ever since. Needless to say, I...
  8. I really want to start IDPA but no choices.

    Don't be picky. Shoot USPSA as well as IDPA and any steel matches you can find. This should give you enough events to fit into your schedule.
  9. S&W Victory .22lr pistol

    I think the Browning Buckmark is a better choice.
  10. Monument Beach SC

    Thanks. I think I will try to make the March 11th match.
  11. Monument Beach SC

    This club lists "Steel Shoots" on their calendar with no specifics. Reference is made to pistols and rifles, but not caliber, nor is the COF described. I would like to attend the March 11 match, but need more info. Is anyone familiar with these matches?
  12. Chronograph Recommendation

    I agree with you Rob, sort of. CED is the "de facto standard" because they donate chronos to the USPSA, not necessarily because their machines are the best; i.e. the USPSA BOD has spoken. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of faith in the USPSA BOD.
  13. Remington RP9 --- Military Arms Channel Review

    I have seen more than a few 9mm pistols choke on 115 gr bulk pack (WW White Box) ammo. The problem is rather simple. Most manufacturers err on the side of caution when they set up a pistol for sale and use a heavy recoil spring to prevent damage. Some ammo works just fine some doesn't. I'm...
  14. Chronograph Recommendation

    Thanks for reminding me. The metal rods supporting The screen may be this chrono's Achille's heel. They are strong enough to redirect a round into the chrono body. I replaced these rods with dowels painted fluorescent orange, easy fix. I haven't had a problem with either of the two chronos I...
  15. Remington RP9 --- Military Arms Channel Review

    The guy testing the gun is a moron. It looks to me like the gun is short stroking, even when it is running without a jam with 15 in the mag. With a full load of 18 in the mag the extra spring tension is preventing the pistol from cycling. Different ammo or a lighter recoil spring might solve the...
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