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  • I might change my view, if they ever stop trying to take my rights away. Or if they ever stop wasting money on stupid shit. Giving away almost 500 million to another country, when this one is so fvcked up is just moronic. Until that happens, my payment method of choice (for all things related to firearms) is cash. Of course, you can't do that when ordering online. At least that's a fairly small percentage of my purchases. [smile]
    Hi back, Welcome. Sadly I am away training and will be departing back to good ol FL. There are some good people to shoot with here though.

    Hey Gak, Its a nice club and the indoor is open 24 hours a day to members. Im currently not a member Ive been going as a guest with a friend, as soon as I get a few more bucks together I will be joining.
    My pleasure on the Welcome Wagon. Hope to see you become active here, it really is a great place.
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