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  1. Colin Kaepernick FIRED!

  2. Need HELP if I win the Powerball

    The real asset management firms will cater to you in all aspect of wealth management. Tax, investing, legal, property management etc.
  3. Browning Crossover

    Wow, that is an excellent price. I might actually do that. Thanks for the link.
  4. Browning Crossover

    Yes, I'm trying to find someone who has it and willing to let me mount it or even shoot it. Joel Etchen has a good price on the Browning plus $100 rebate.
  5. Elizabeth Warren Urges Democrats to Champion Gun Control, Shut Down Debate

    I can't even find an adjective for her/it.
  6. Browning Crossover

    Thanks to both of you. I would definitely appreciate the chance to shoot it. I'm of average built so I think most likely will fit me. I have just been torn about whether or not I should think about a dedicated Trap gun, but I do like Skeet as well. Just can't afford to buy two guns at this time...
  7. Browning Crossover

    Wondering if anyone on here has one, and which model. Researching for my first O/U and wanted to get an opinion from those who have been shooting one. Thanks.
  8. John Henry says Red Sox will lead effort to change name of Yawkey Way

    Moron. Fake white guilt you ahole.
  9. Looking for a 308 semi

    Rem with a good stock.
  10. Saturday Trap/Skeet

  11. Powder compatibility chart?

  12. Hookers rob and kill a guy who helped change repair their tire...

    4 winners with Bama phones.
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