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  1. Membership Karma.

  2. Something Zombie.

    Unbeleivable good zombie movie:
  3. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

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  4. New show - The Walking Dead

    Bought the ep's on Amazon for $3 each. No commercials!!
  5. Dry Skin

    We use a natural Aloe Vera gel. (My wife has dry skin) If you cant find it in Wally or your local GNC, go to a florist shop and buy an aloe vera plant and cut the gel from inside the leaves.
  6. Bug out Rifle

    There's a great vid on youtube on it by (I think) nutnfancy that's well worth looking at.
  7. Canning, how to needed.

    FWIW, these reuseable lids are very well spoken of on the blogosphere. I haven't used them personally but I will maybe next year.
  8. Bug out Rifle

    I was looking at the Keltec SU16C for that purpose. Collapses and can be kept in the BOB and fires from the collapsed state. For when you're in a hurry!
  9. Obama takes one in the face for the team!(injured)

    Boy times have changed! I got hit in the face with a toy gun thrown by my brother when I was 8 and got 10 stitches. No anesthesia..
  10. Obama takes one in the face for the team!(injured)

    An anesthetic for stitches?!?! Puhleese!
  11. If you shot a home invader, would the police confiscate the gun used in the shooting?

    Seeing as we're all talking hypothetical here.. Wouldn't it be more practical to bury the body and stonewall any/all questions?
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