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  1. Abrams Tank Pushed By Congress Despite Army's Protests

    The days when a vast ocean protected anything ceased 100's of yrs ago. You want reduce our forces to what, nukes? A weapon that half the country doesn't think we should even have, and would never allow its use. If what happened on the other side of the planet stayed there, things would...
  2. Awkward moment...letting someone know they're printing..

    Ace Ventura: "Bumblebee tuna, your gun is showing"
  3. What we're up against

    The only reason to be uneducated in this day and age is because you simply did not bother to educate yourself. Please don't make excuses for the willfully ignorant.
  4. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  5. Locations in Eastern MA to buy resin tipped bullets?

    Critical defense is the round you want if it must have a ballistic tip. However, there seems to be problems with primers, as always, test your carry ammo every now and then. Personally, having a ballistic tip on handgun ammo is not...
  6. No Mass deer hunting this year

    Most people shoot with one eye closed anyway.
  7. Gura brief was filed today.

    Defending myself and those around me is common defense, and 'a right'. The part is blue is in regards to a standing army, not civilians.
  8. Gura brief was filed today.

    If you can't trust someone with a firearm, can you trust them with a sword? knife? car? gasoline? If you cannot trust someone to not attack people, then why let them out? The problem of re-offense is not solved by restricting firearms at all, whats the point?
  9. Be afraid of this range

    I don't see what the problem is, shooting ranges produce two thing in great quantity, lead and noise, it's normal. The only thing I can think of is maybe not enough ventilation, or the guy is making his employees clean out the bullet trap without protection. Either way, I don't see why you...
  10. He loved to draw pictures... praise for a dead criminal

    He wasn't armed, only the guy that ran was. Its kinda hard to justify someone with a bullet in their brain, lying on the ground without a weapon as a threat.
  11. Oklahoma City pharmacist update - charged w/ murder

    Watch the video. He shot the downed guy well after his buddy ran off and the Vic chased after. For someone who is in fear of his life, he showed absolutely no concern for the downed guy. Didn't even point his gun at him till he was standing over him.
  12. can I buy a 14 inch ar

    I would be careful and make sure he did not buy this rifle on a Dept. Letter Head if it is actually an SBR. Lots of LEOs do this to get around the NFA.
  13. BCG's at PK Firearms

    If its on PK's website, it should be in stock, they take down items they don't have. They are also a very fast shipper, usually getting their orders out the door in 1-3 days.
  14. Montana's Governor has now signed HB 246 the "Made in Montana" exemption law.

    I don't know of any federal money that has firearms laws attached. They never had to do it, so they never did. The real test is when someone gets arrested for a SBR or something and the case goes to the SCOTUS.
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