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  1. KPV 14.5mm

    Howdy folks, Does anyone have any links or manuals for the Russian KPV heavy machine gun, or the ZPU-4 weapons system? I am involved in a restoration project, and before I send $$ to Ukraine for a manual, I was hoping someone had some info to share. KPV heavy machine gun - Wikipedia
  2. Ok which NESr is open carrying on the highway...

    N Don't know the guns.. but I'd like too.. We almost match..
  3. Military History Expo

    2019 Military History Expo is coming up May 17, 18, & 19. We will have vendors, vehicle rides, demos, battle reenactments. And back again this year is ‘Whiskey 7” a C47 Skytrain that took part in the D Day invasion. For tickets and information Visit
  4. 7.1 Earthquake in MC

    I just got back Thursday morning from working a week down in CDMX Mostly collapse stuff. Looks like PR is much worse.
  5. Chet has Passed - Chet0729 Needs our Prayers and Positive Thoughts

    Thinking good thoughts
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