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  • I am interested in joining the men of liberty group.
    Please let me know if I am welcome.

    thanks for letting me the group given current politics I am very concerned. I have tried to read through the posts. However It is a lot of "me to" posts and I am finding it difficult to figure out exactly what you are up to. Could you pm me the 411 on specifics I did not feel comfortable with an open post.


    Can you add me to your group, I am a member of goal and wife is in Second Amendment Sisters.

    please invite me into your ranks. My art speaks for me
    Kindly add me to the Men of Liberty group.

    Seeing that I'm bailing the Titanic (US) as hard as I can, by teaching people how to shoot well (something between 11 and 12 events this year), and giving them an appreciation of what our forefathers did, I'd say I'm doing something other than gripe. I may be a Federal employee, but I'm a .mil, not one of those useless .gov dirtbags.

    Besides, I'm an Appleseed Master Instructor, and one of the Senior Staff members there. Not that it cuts much, but it sure shows I'm doing something.
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