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  1. Anywhere USA where this is still legal?

    Come down to my place in Texas and walk onto someones land without being invited. Legal or not, be prepared to get shot at. Talking to the Sheriff after getting shot at: you: so-and-so shot at me. sheriff: where you on his land? you: yea. sheriff: don't go on his land. And God forbid he...
  2. A question about Licensing requirements in Massachussetts for a business idea.

    Why would he need an FFL or gunsmith license if he is only accepting bare frames or bare receivers to "work" on?
  3. A question about Licensing requirements in Massachussetts for a business idea.

    Sky, PM me. I'm only a few months from retirement and I can be your LTC on site to take possession while the work is done.
  4. Posted at the WMA entrance. Oh boy

    I can answer that..... ZERO, NADA, NOTHING.
  5. WATCH: CNN Tries To Explain Bump Stocks With Animation, Fails Miserably

    Yea they are standard equipment. If yours didn't have them, you got screwed. Did you get the bayonet and reloading rod? Those come standard too.
  6. Epilepsy

    I had a heart attack and was CCing. Ironically, I was in a hospital when the attack occurred. They secured the firearm and returned it to me when I was discharged. No shits were given by the staff. I was not in MA when this happened.
  7. Was asked to talk at 2 Ivy League schools this week. What could go wrong?

    Good to see the Pistols are active again in the area, it's been a long time. Spent a few hours on the range with Crick and Rothcheck back in the day. Thanks for getting out there and spreading the word.
  8. Dumb-asses in the Military

    TL;DR Crazy Iranian goes rouge in USAF T-38 and almost kills himself and destroys aircraft in the process. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We had 3 Iranian students come through UPT...
  9. Looking for a good air gun to quell the vermin

    Well PyramidAir has the Gamo Urban PCP for $299. The Urban is a PCP air gun made with a BSA upper and a Gamo stock. At 299 it's the deal of the Century...
  10. Can I buy Black Powder in Mass without FID or other nonsense?

    You will probably be arrested on the spot, beaten until unconscious then dragged by your ankles behind a State Police vehicle to Beacon Hill. What is left of your carcus will be chained to the gate leading to the Attorney Generals office. Each morning crowds will gather where your lifeless body...
  11. 50 year old charge

    Sorry to say this but that's a G. He paid the $50 and went home. This State sucks.
  12. Peruta STANDS! Update post 70: Nope

    Is anyone positive that RBG is still alive? Every time I've seen her she's slumped over in a chair.... kinda that "Weekend at Bernies" thing going on.
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