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  1. how many round do you pack when conceal carry? [NOT GAY]

    Is it go time already??? l was catching a nap and may have missed the memo.....
  2. Shit gun owners don't say

    That was different - Thank you! :cool:
  3. P365 holster

    Milt Sparks VM II - most comfortable IWB strong side holster. You forget you're carrying when you wear this holster. I've carried my P938 in a VM II holster for 7+ years, usually in the 3 -4 o'clock position. Poached photo from the web. Versa Max 2 | Milt Sparks Holsters
  4. How to Avoid Covid

    Informative and comforting video.
  5. Home heating oil price.
  6. Gov. Baker prohibits reusable shopping bags during coronavirus emergency

    I'm old enough to remember when "they" (environmental nazi's) ran around saying we were destroying the forests by using paper bags and we should all switch over to plastic.
  7. LMAO

    Looks like he made a fair trade....
  8. OK how do i become a member of NES???

    Have you been looking for the answer since 2013???
  9. Popup ad?

    That's a Turbo Encabulator - who are you trying to kid?
  10. WTF is "Take a look" Ads all over the site???

    Getting all kinds of pop ups as well. Looks like NES has been over run by FEEDNETWORX!
  11. Gun Club closure megathread

    I never called you a liar, I'm just posting what I saw on the website. I'm an active member at ASC and got a sinking feeling when I saw your post so I went to the website (still nothing posted about the club being closed). Pretty sure a member-wide e-mail would have gone out if the club was...
  12. Gun Club closure megathread

    I'm on the web site now - ASC is NOT closed. Per the site: Trap Field Policy Change Beginning today, Wednesday March 18, 2020 and continuing until further notice, both trap fields will be closed to the general public. Members only will be allowed on the fields. All operators can and will...
  13. Dog Food ?

    This^^^ Free delivery on a preset schedule and automatic billing. Hard to beat.
  14. Dianne Feinstein, other senators, sold millions in stock

    I ask this question all the time - how is possible that a member of the US Senate or Congress earning a salary of ~$174,000.00/year becomes a multi-millionaire several years into their term????
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