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  1. WTB HK51B Full-Auto Belt-Fed Machine Gun.

    I'm looking for a HK51B. Must have all OEM HK Parts. I will require an inspection prior to transfer. An SBR is ok providing it is presently in State. PM with any information. Thanks, Frank
  2. WTS Zeiss/Eltro, the Orion 80 Fero Z-51 Night Vision Scope.

    Location : West Newbury, MA 01985. Description : Original Military marked serailized hard case manufacture by Zeiss/Eltro. The Orion 80 Fero Z-51 night vision scope is a Gen. 1 scope made in Germany. The Starlight night vision scope features XX1211 and XX1340 image intensifier tubes, reticle...
  3. WTS: Smith & Wesson Model 76

    New price
  4. Removal of Classifieds

    I understand and I'm not upset. but none of my NFA ads were touched. That's why I questioned the removal of my pistols and rifles being removed.
  5. Removal of Classifieds

    Thank You! Did you change that rule recently because I don't recall reading it in Sticky Post a few years back? I felt the classified posting when on forever like 25 plus pages in the pistol section. I would be seen double by the time I reviewed all those pages.
  6. Removal of Classifieds

    What requirements do you use to determine it's time to remove a Classified Ads? I have or had ads in NFA, Rifles, Pistols, and a few other categories for sale. Since the new and improved version of NEShooters have changed I can only find some of my ads. I do not recall receiving any email from...
  7. Massachusetts Permit to Store More Than 10,000 Rounds

    Really! This can only happen in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. I been shooting close to 55 years and sold and still shoot machine guns. I have never heard of this law. I require lots of ammo, (machine guns are like feeding children) at least two or three hundred rounds worth of ammo...
  8. colt competition series 38 super legal in Mass??

    I have a SVI 38 Super Comp. Open pistol collecting dust in my gun safe. Nice shooting pistol. I do reload and also think 9mm is the way to go these days.
  9. S&W model 76

    Thanks didn't know that.
  10. S&W model 76

    Here's a weapon that S&W refuses to acknowledge they made. Ruger on the other hand always acknowledged the fact they made their ACC 556 and helped the owners. I've owned my 76 for about 15 years nice gun eats any type of ammo. Cycle rate is slow compared to some of my other full-auto weapons...
  11. WTS 1918A2 Group Industries BAR

    Location: West Newbury, Massachusetts. 01985 Description: 30.06 caliber with Walnut and Bakelite furniture in perfect condition. The weapon has a fast and slow cycle selector. Accessories: Includes Custom Cut Pelican Case, Bi-pod, Web Sling, Magazine Loading Tool, Carrying Handle, Flash...
  12. WTS: Smith & Wesson Model 76

    Price change
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