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  1. Army & Marine Corps are checking their M16s for dangerous glitch?

    Just saw this on LinkedIn because it was recommended to me on my feed. The Army and Marine Corps are checking their M4s and M16s for a dangerous glitch Its funny how they dont mention what manufacturer that is involved with this issue. Anyone know more info, is it Colt or FN...? Im guessing...
  2. WTS Onkyo 7.2 Home Theater system

  3. Youtube has gone Full Retard on Firearm Channels - NOT Good!

    The right to repair ban policy is next, watch out!
  4. Youtube has gone Full Retard on Firearm Channels - NOT Good!

    Also check out Liberty Doll - she must be a member on NES, shes from MA.
  5. Youtube has gone Full Retard on Firearm Channels - NOT Good!

    This is absolutely nuts. Listen as The Gun Collective explains. View:
  6. Tewksbury arrest for weapons & bump stock

    MASS making fellow cizitens and passers by multi count felons for having a reasonable concern.
  7. Just closed my Citi credit card

    ***k citi group. They closed my account because when i was on the phone i got disconnected. I called back right after. And because of that disconnection they stated they closed my account. Im pretty sure it had something to do with me asking for a better rate or i will go somewhere else. Since...
  8. WTS Onkyo 7.2 Home Theater system

  9. What is the best state in New England to live in?

    Yes you are correct, 75% of my land is taxed at a much lower rate because of its current use (wooded portion). But its the house value that they get you on. They raised my house value by 30k just like that, land value stayed the same. Just because it was time to reassess the towns value. From my...
  10. What is the best state in New England to live in?

    NH is great but beware of property taxes they are high AF, especially if you want any kind of decent home, garage and land. My property tax got raised a few months after i moved here. House across the way from me, a beautiful private modern colonial with an attached 3 car garage and 6 acres...
  11. Registrations and Confiscations of firearms owners and firearms

    I wouldn't be surprised this has already been discussed by those with very deep pockets. Companies buying companies to eliminate competition is not unheard of.
  12. Youtube has begun deleting gun channels

    I just watched MAC's video yesterday. This is sad. Youtube creators are being treated like second class citizens. This is why i will not do any kind of gun type videos on my channel as of right now.
  13. Home shooting range and lead build up?

    Anyone have experience building a 100 yard shooting range on their property that is also the property where you live? My concern is that lead will build up and leach into the groundwater. And since my water comes from a drilled well, this could be an issue down the road. I do have a whole house...
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