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  1. Just Retired and Chillin with my Buddie MOOSE

    Yes, you’re right it does piss me off. I’m Chinese and proud of it. I don’t need an ahole internet keyboard warrior calling me a slope, a gook or whatever, no matter how many likes he gets for saying it. Obviously, you have thicker skin than I do. Good for you. Maybe you didn’t have to defend...
  2. Just Retired and Chillin with my Buddie MOOSE

    What's order some chink??
  3. Prayers Needed For A New Job

    Good Luck
  4. Electronic Ear Pro

    I have both the Howard Leight Impact Pro, and sport. I use the Pro for indoor pistol shooting, and the Sport for rifles. If I shoot with a guest, I'll let them use the Pro for the better noise reduction, especially if they are new to shooting. My buddy just bought the Peltor Tactical Pro, but I...
  5. Lost my mother

    Sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to yoand your family.
  6. Making a withdrawl from the organ bank

    Good luck and have a speedy recovery.
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