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  • Hi do you still have the john wayne comm 32-40. Im interested in it. Let me know. Cell is 207-446-6730. Thanks, Mike Jalette

    Trade you a LNIB 342ti with all papers, boxes with keys for that S&W Model 651 22 mag


    Any interest in a trade? I have an MP15 with about 400 rounds through it. It has a knock off Eotech site on it.
    Hello Fred,
    Given your experience and vast collection of firearms (and my lack of both) I'd like to know your opinion of the Springfield Armory 1911 A1, in general.
    Be careful in that Viper!
    Hi, I have a Deputy Sheriff living next to us, and he asked if I knew anyone with a
    M1A1 .308 for sale. I figured if anyone knew of this gun, you would. Thanks,
    Howard shorb 508-224-8091
    hey Fred, a model 1917 S+W...let me know if you buy it, I would like to buy it from you:)
    S&W 1917 & S&W 38/44 both in excellent shape and with S&W letters. If you are interested give me a call.....If I were to sell, I would be looking for $800+, however would trade one for your 45/70.. Give me a call tomorrow if interested.
    508-224-8091............... Howard
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