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  1. Which states are gun friendly and accept Honorable and General under Honorable condition discharges

    I googled your username. If you're the same person as on hungangels.com, and judging by writing style I'd say you are, I'm guessing you're trolling here.
  2. NH road rage shooting

    " Marandos’s wife, Heidi, told police she recalled her husband getting agitated at the behavior of the other motorist, who was allegedly Brown, as they traveled in the same direction along Route 4. Jason Marandos then slammed on the brakes, and the two vehicles collided, according to a newly...
  3. Game of Thrones

    You post on a topic you admittedly have no interest in just to mock those that are interested. You are so edgy and hip.
  4. Man throws 5 year old from 3rd floor balcony at Mall of America

    Updated stories are saying the kid is hanging in there. The Go fund me page is at over $659,000 out of the $500,000 goal.
  5. School me in Septic Systems

    This must be a Massachusetts thing. I get mine pumped every 18 months, because there are five of us in my home and it only cost $225 to pump. Mine is getting pumped out Thursday. I don't notify the town when it's done, and I'm pretty sure I'm not required to notify them. When I bought the house...
  6. Christchurch was inevitable (Now on BitChute)

    I think it was inevitable, because us infidels have been on the receiving end for a long time. Eventually someone was going give it back. I doubt this will be the last one.
  7. Italian (ha!) school bus driver crashes into cars before setting bus on fire

    No surprise here. "Religion and beliefs occupy an important place in the daily life of the nation of Senegal. A large majority (94%) of the Senegalese population is Muslim, mainly Sunni of Maliki school of jurisprudence with Sufi influences. Christians (principally Catholics) represent 4%"
  8. Bullet found in the bathroom - Nashua High North

    My three kids went to Nashua south. Besides, they wouldn't be caught dead carrying a .22
  9. Gucci Is Selling $870 Sneakers That Purposely Look Filthy

    I have a pair of underpants with fashionably used stains that I'm willing to let go for $300 or best offer.
  10. Game of Thrones

    Sam's father was ashamed of him. What a weird twist for him to somehow take the throne.
  11. ISIS call for extremists to take 'revenge' for New Zealand mosque shootings

    So what's been their excuse for killing Christians prior to the NZ shooting?
  12. Witnesses say many dead, injured in shooting at New Zealand mosque

    I just watched the whole video. Not much gore, but disturbing nonetheless. In the mosque near the end where the terrorist moved off to the right in the big room, it looked like a woman sitting on a bench holding a child about 8 years old. The woman on the street was the worse one. The final shot...
  13. Looking for dining suggestions - N. Woodstock/Lincoln, NH Area

    Another vote for Truant's Tavern in Woodstock. Good food, fair price and a nice pub feel to the place.
  14. Your concealed carry and why

    SIG P365 in a Stealth Gear appendix carry holster. On occasion I swap to the SIG P320 compact 9mm in another Stealth Gear appendix carry holster.
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