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  1. New Acquisitions August 2018

    Have Same two , Just picked up the 45 cal Version this month the 457 .....love this series
  2. Show Me Your Revolver(s)

    Just picked up this sweet a** Ruger gp 100 . Another item checked off the list of favorites ...[smile]
  3. RI Non-Resident

    Ok so let's give out some not so important details . Basically I filled out app in my border town of Tiverton . The chief is gun friendly and also one of very few in RI who will still issue license . You have to find a local Pd who will issue is your best bet , not 100% confirmed but have read...
  4. RI Non-Resident

    Pm sent
  5. RI Non-Resident

    Obtained my out of State RI ltc no restriction's picked up yesterday took 46 days . Went through town not AG . Application is alot worse than any other state i posses .... But to finally have is a great thing .
  6. NES sweat shirts

    bought one a few years back just looking if anyone has them for sale or is anyone doing a buy anytime soon ??
  7. Reloading Checklist

    Definitely worth the time and money.... great class and teacher
  8. Stack on cabinet and hand guns.

    sweet door set up good looking going to have to do the same with mine .... i took the top shelf off long guns didnt fit to good .. but going to do some more mods soon....... - - - Updated - - - sweet looking set up... mods are coming soon like this ............. have too take my 4 glocks and...
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