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  • Hey! Semper FI. Yea i was 7051 in Miramar San Diego And two deployments in iraq. One as 7051 and one as convoy security. Merry Xmas

    It was great meeting you and your wife and a pleasure to do business with you.

    I'd sell to you anytime, my friend.

    Thanks again,

    Hi, I read in one of your posts that you had a ppk. I just recently got mine and took it out for the first time today. I shot 100 rounds through it with no problem. I was getting ready to clean it and noticed my trigger is depressed. Its not going back to its ready position unless i push it forward. Even if i pull the trigger again and stays depressed. I was wondering if you had any issues like that? Thanks
    Hi Brian. Sorry you couldn't make it to the shoot. Hopefully you'll be able to come next time. I was the one wearing the red sox hat and the other girl is my brother, wiskie762's girlfriend. :eek:)
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