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  1. Official 1911 Pic Thread...

    I might be two and done those darned things are expensive..[crying]
  2. Official 1911 Pic Thread...

    Just getting started
  3. Ebay just Killed all Firearm related auctions

    That is weird. I can't search anything firearms related.. I have tried to change all of the search parameters too. Oh well Please Delete Thread. It must be me....
  4. Ebay just Killed all Firearm related auctions

    There used to be thousands of items available. If you do a search now it states 0 results for your search and gives only a single page with a few listings still up.
  5. any kayak fisherman on here

    My family and I do a lot of paddling on the cape in the summer but haven't yet brought the poles. Great idea though...
  6. World's first 360-degree backflip in a CAR
  7. Archie Bunker's Editorial on Gun Control
  8. Silver City Firearms Taunton

    I believe it does something to his trigger finger
  9. Silver City Firearms Taunton

    Awesome. I am a local Tauntonite and have a couple of consignment items.. I will pm you with them if your interested..
  10. Happy Birthday NES Member twortley

    What? 36 views and only 2 Happy Birthday wishes for twortley. what were you other 34 looking for when you clicked on the thread...
  11. Larry Bird's son accused of trying to run down ex-girlfriend

    Larry Bird's son accused of trying to run down ex-girlfriend | Sports - WCVB Home BOSTON —Former Boston Celtics star Larry Bird’s son was arrested after he allegedly tried to run down his ex-girlfriend with his car while at school in Indiana.
  12. The most unreliable gun you've shot

    I am sure it's in here somewhere... Sig Sauer Mosquito .22lr. I don't know why it's still in the safe. I tried polishing the feed ramp and every other thing that was available on the web to make it more reliable . That reminds me! WTS 1 Black Sig Sauer Mosquito .22 lr
  13. Happy Birthday NES Member twortley

  14. Im so excited...

    Congrats! Waiting for mine too. How long did it take.
  15. Ebay took my 10 round magazine listing down

    +1 I am done with them also...
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