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  1. Firearm Concealment Furniture

    Nice stuff!
  2. Shooting death in swansea, shooter is a former CO

    There was no special treatment in this case, the witnesses were caught lying on the stand and also TOTALLY discredited by forensics. A bad situation over all, but the "victim" was a very tough person with gang ties and a long violent record. If you want to make a judgement on a case, go on the...
  3. Tall Ships Security


    Not on North Shore, but Troy City Tactical in Fall River stocks 50 round HST boxes in 9mm and 45
  5. Ruger revolvers superior to S&W, photographic proof

    Thats not because one is stronger than the other, it's because Ruger has a longer cylinder which can accept some of these super heavy cast loads with a longer OAL. They would stick out of the S&W cylinder and lock up the gun
  6. New Aquisitions May 2017

    Congratulations Walt!
  7. Sabre Pepper Spray $8.66 @ amazon

    Troy City Tactical in Fall River is the same price
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