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  1. New Primer Tube Filler

    I will save you the trouble of looking for the needed tubing. You can get a 6 foot length of aluminum tubing at Zoro. I made some tubes years ago to use with my FA vibreprime. I just used little hitch clips at each end like the ones that come on Dillon tubes. I guess I lucked out with my...
  2. Comfortable shooting glasses (slightly OT)

    They issue Jackson Nemisis safety glasses where I work. Used them for years and was always happy with fit & clarity. All glasses we used before Nemisis always made my eyes fatigued by the end of day or would give me a headache. View...
  3. New LTC applications?

    Waiting a month or so to get a call for an appointment is normal in normal times. On a good note, you & your wife will mostly get issued no restrictions. Swansea is one of the few towns who have done the right thing and kept issuing permits during this pandemic, unlike some other towns who stopped.
  4. Tips for shooting both eyes open

    Try placing a small piece of scotch tape (translucent) in the middle of your non dominant eye glass lens. Or put a little chapstick on you finger & rub it on your non dominant eye glass lens. It helps you pick up your front sight quicker with your dominant eye & helps do away with the double...
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