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  1. Electrician needed for generator connection

    Anastati electric, Tewksbury mass good people. The owner Chris is pro 2a
  2. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    Mine doesn't expire until 2023, maybe I should start now. Lol. [smile]
  3. Will MA ranges reopen on Mon?

    braintree opens to members only, strict rules Monday 5/25
  4. concealed carry pants

    I own a bravo concealment IWB holster but want more not just a pocket pistol. I wear a 48 or 50
  5. concealed carry pants

    I start a new job and need to wear khakis and a polo. Recommendations for pants I can conceal carry my firearm in. I have seen shorts you can put your firearm in the pocket. I either will do my g26 or g19. Thanks.
  6. Chances

    Hey everyone, was wondering if people think 1. New Glocks EVER be allowed to be sold by dealers legit 2. AR ban deal of Healy shit be overturned Will it happen with a new AG or courts fix this, I'm tired of 2500 prehealy stuff worth 700
  7. Gun Scrubber vs. BreakFree Powder Blast

    I use GS and I dont have any issues. I use it on my glocks. and no problems. I dont let it sit long, and them I use clp to wipe everything down.
  8. Connecticut Non Resident CCW process

    I'm a MA resident, want to apply for the Non resident CT pistol permit. It says to call for app, no problem. What certificate will they take to show live fire. I did the Mass Firearms School Basic Pistol with live fire, and Utah non resident. Also if they take either or, is there a time limit...
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