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  1. March campout.

    Hey Andy, u still doing regular overnighters? looking for some cool people to do some Bushcraft camping style.
  2. WTS Kubota BX23S 74.5 hours 16,000

    Kubota BX23S 74.5 hours 16,000 comes with 54 inch belly mower * less then 2 years old. 74.5 total hours
  3. WTS Sold PD

    less then 250 rounds tru it, I guess only negative is the throw up camo lol anderson lower not sure on rest of parts 1000$ comes with everything you see 1-6x PA ASCC bipod prefer to stay close i drive enough F2F online transfer
  4. CZ Bren 2 Carbine released

    buying 1
  5. CZ Bren 2 308

    true it wouldn't work
  6. WTB VZ58

    klooking for a vz58
  7. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    did the wood stove last night for a few hours
  8. CZ Bren 2 308

    n1 in MA has the balls to do this as FFL? they could easily import it and do it.
  9. CZ Bren 2 308

    wouldnt a muzzle pinned and a fixed stock make it into a rifle?
  10. CZ Bren 2 308

    convert it 2 rifle
  11. Where have all the birds gone?

    what u think happened to the birds? they all got killed with the poison they're tossing out of the planes to stop the mosquito's 10 years from now, we will be dropping like flies for all the spraying they're doing now bunch of pathethic f***s . you can spray against mosquito's with natural...
  12. WTS 2 Kayaks, used 3 times has some minor scufs

    Selling 2 kayaks, together please 200 for both pretty firm due wife. They have seen the water 3 times, the padding on the sides have been compromised due my goats but i still feel it's a good price for 2 kayaks Bristol county MA
  13. conceal carry in newyork city

    Not 100% tree some states allow ma ltc even without reciprocity
  14. WTS A Bunch of Magic the Gathering Cards

    shush . Do you feel better now making''fun'' of other people to hide your own insecurity ?
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