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  1. Ruger Mark III 22/45 build

    TandemKross KaneWolf slingshot mod. Factory bolt stop has a plunger that keeps it pushed if the bolt is pulled back on a full mag. The TandemKross KaneWolf switches that to a spring loaded plunger that will push it down if the bolt is pulled back but will not interfere if a mag follower pushes...
  2. Can you hear me now ?

    Indoor range, in the basement. Basic Firearms Safety Class. String of five or six students with S&W Model 41 .22's. I was there as a range coach. Instructor gave the order to fire, then leaned towards me to say something. When I turned an ear towards him to hear through my ear pro, he pulled...
  3. Slim, no frills rifle case recommendation?

    Zappa found some goofy [the skateboard, not the bags] Whiptide skateboard bags at Ocean State Job Lot in this thread:
  4. scam ads at bottom of page

    We're getting: SPECIAL: <FAKE CLICKBAIT HEADLINE> scam ads at the bottom of the page now which include close-blocking confirmation popups.
  5. Metrowest LGS source for Ruger 22/45 mags?

    Looked there Saturday.
  6. Metrowest LGS source for Ruger 22/45 mags?

    Cabelas is the one that gave me the shopping cart error and I ended up ordering 6, not 3. Need two more to get to 10 and not wind up with a handful of rounds sitting there on the table at the range after every box waiting for a magazine. I'll try MFS. Didn't see any 22/45's in their handgun...
  7. Metrowest LGS source for Ruger 22/45 mags?

    Bought a 22/45. Meant to buy three additional magazines to make for a 50rnd box. Screwed up due to a shopping cart problem and bought two bundles of three magazines. Now I have a goofy number of magazines (eight) and I'm not willing to pay that much shipping for two magazines. What shops in...
  8. Armed man posing as FBI agent arrested after attempting to enter Arlington home

    He was also an employee of the MIT credit union and had the names of, depending on which news story you read, employees or customers of the credit union (it's a credit union, so probably the same) or, according to defense counsel, coworkers (apples, apples, and apples, probably). The funny...
  9. New Acquisitions for November 2016

    My contribution to the hoarding trend
  10. Stealthy Rifle Case

    Many available in Medway. Kinda hard to find since they're on a shelf at eye level laying flat.
  11. New Acquisitions for September 2016

    Ruger 10/22 (basic, Dick's Sporting Goods), Aklys Defense ZK-22 (, Primary Arms Micro Red Dot (Amazon), TruGlo riser and Magpul flipups (Amazon), and Whistlepig Gun Barrel Co. 18.5" fluted barrel with compensator.
  12. Red Jacket ZK-22

    Stock trigger. Multiple tries to get the splined cam into the right position. Complete takedown after the first range trip to go at the trigger bar, trigger plates, trigger bar channel, injection forming sprue, and all of the clam shell edges with several grits of sand paper. I think I need...
  13. Red Jacket ZK-22

    Having already been a fan of the FN P90, when I saw the Sons of Guns episode, I liked the ZK-22 from the get go. I was dismayed at what appeared to be a likely prolonged time to market and then Red Jacket imploded with the collapse of the Hayden family. After seeing that Meaux moved on and...
  14. Red Jacket ZK-22

    Not as ugly as my Hi Point, even with the ATI (CSX Storm knockoff) stock.
  15. Red Jacket ZK-22

    Whistle Pig barrel installed. Balance point is right at the back of the carry handle.
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