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  1. Here is how long it took for Mass non res permit just received

    You said: "we discussed why I wanted an unrestricted permit." What answer did you provide, please be detailed and specific, because whatever you said worked.
  2. Best trap in nh

    Country Pond and Peterborough are indeed two great club suggestions for shooting trap. I like them both.
  3. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Thanks again for the input.
  4. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Thanks for the reply. Are the pollution levels bad all over Mass or are there just certain areas to avoid? Another way to ask is: Are there any non-polluted lakes or pond where a person would be safe eating the bass caught? I have never tasted a large mouth bass. My friends from down South say...
  5. 2017 Fishing/Ice Fishing Thread

    Here is a newbie question: Does anybody eat the large mouth bass they catch in Massachusetts ponds or lakes? If not, why not?
  6. Where can you buy....

    MAC1911, Great idea and so simply....thanks.
  7. Where can you buy....

    Shotgun pattern targets/sheets within 30-40 miles of Lowell, MA? Riley's, Shooter's outpost? somewhere else?
  8. ATA Shoot at Royalston April 24 - Question

    Thanks, I found out it is a 100 16 yard target event.
  9. ATA Shoot at Royalston April 24 - Question

    Does anyone know if the ATA shoot at Royalston, MA scheduled for this Sunday is a 100 or 200 target 16yard event?
  10. Out of state purchase questions - advice please

    I just made all the arrangements with Blue Northern Trading. Great to deal with. So I appear to be all set. Thanks to all for your info and comments.
  11. Out of state purchase questions - advice please

    Beretta 682 Gold E, 34" top single and 32" O/U with less that 1,000 rounds through it. Also comes with a set of Briley premium chokes. It is very sweet!
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