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  1. Drywalling question (drywall over drywall) and self leveling backerboard

    icyclefar is correct. I'm a contractor if you have any questions pm me and I'll give you my # if you'd like
  2. GF looking for her first pistol

    I'm in Lynn also. My wife loves her Sig P238 and the shield in 9mm. PM me know if you want to shoot them some time.
  3. Input on Coyote Rifle Trust

    Do any of you guys have first-hand experience with coyote rifle works NFA trust. I don't care who doesn't like this guy or that guy I just want to know if this is a legitimate opportunity to build an SBR. With this route costing one third of your lawyer's general charge I didn't know if it was...
  4. Boston Marathon security and possession of discouraged items

    You'll be fine. Went last year on comm ave and didn't have a problem.
  5. UPDATE TO: A bad sound from a gun is...............

    Been there. It'll show up when you're not looking for it gauranteed
  6. Sharing my priceless moment

    Congrats man! She's a keeper
  7. Sights suggestion for a M&P9

    Fiber optic with different colored front and rear.
  8. There has been a jail break!

    Ha! I had to do the same thing for my lab.
  9. Roof Leak - Need Advice

    Where are you located? I'm a contractor, pm me and I'll give you my # to talk if you'd like and I can give you the info for some people to help you.
  10. Wife's / Girlfriend's favorite gun?

    My wife loves the G17 and her Sig P238
  11. carrying at work

    I have an extra ankle holster - not the best one but if you're local to me I'll give it to you.
  12. carrying at work

    I'm a contractor and can't carry because of a tool belt sometimes also. I ankle carry a Ruger LCR.
  13. My wife has a friend

    What about the LCR in 9mm
  14. RMR Milling

    I'm looking for someone to mill a G19 and G17 slide for RMRs. Can anyone suggest somewhere local? I'll send it out if needed. I usually go to Lou at BEC but he's not interested.
  15. Matching Old Interior Door Trim Molding

    Go with Andersen Mac or Next Day Moldings in Braintree.
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