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  1. Lost my baby girl on Sunday

    My heart is with you and your family. I am going to go go hug everyone in my family so hard right now. I'll pray for you all brother.
  2. Masslive article on GOAL's appeal of Healey's "copycat" weapon ban

    There are no comments under this article -Gun group seeks more records from attorney general Did you comment on a different article?
  3. Booze-Allen: espionage factory?

    There's a lot of good kids coming out of college with science and technology degrees that don't fit your description. You'd be surprised if you met some of these kids. In my 20+ years in my field I hadn't seen anything like I have the last five years or so. Their minds are as big as their...
  4. Looking for Mec shotshell loader service and repair shop

    If you would feel more comfortable having Mec do a reconditioning then I'd send it to them. I know a few people that have grabbed old loaders and had them service them and have been happy. One tip, before you get it up and running, put some tape on the plugs on the bottles. They can fall out in...
  5. Looking for Mec shotshell loader service and repair shop

    I'm not aware of any repair shops for Mec. You can ship the loader to them and they repair and even restore old machines. I have an 8567 that has been pretty straight forward to DIY. Which loader and what problem are you having?
  6. Armed in Maine:

    Stay out of it. Don't know who's who or why they're shooting. Just clear out. Also... FU NYC. New York's chief exports are drugs and violence.
  7. NES brain trust- Bachelor party.

    Congrats to your buddy. Good to see y'all had a good weekend. Last one I went to went full caligula(friggin' jarheads.) Me and a couple of guys sat back and debated just how much herpes one person could catch. Good cigars that night though.
  8. Bullies flick a butt into girlfriends hair

    That second guy's right hand could have been stabbing him that whole time. Usually a setup anyway. Never worth it.
  9. Troy Defense pump action rifle

    queer kwir/ adjective 1. strange; odd. "she had a queer feeling that they were being watched" synonyms: odd, strange, unusual, funny, peculiar, curious, bizarre, weird, uncanny, freakish, eerie, unnatural; More verbinformal 1. spoil or ruin (an agreement, event, or situation). "Reg didn't want...
  10. What goes into a rebarrel job

    Great thread. Thanks for posting your work. Looks real good.
  11. Longmeadow MA Alert - CCW - AWB Bans proposed + Gun Registration!

    Petitioner motioned to move to an ad hoc committee. LINK
  12. Ipswich MA Alert - Discharge/Hunting Ban - Please Attend Town Meeting May 10th

    Referred to an ad hoc committee. Salemnews
  13. Song title association! Update in op.

    Love without end, Amen. George Strait
  14. What is up with stripped AR lowers, is the age to purchase 18 or 21?

    Where is your case? I want to come visit it.
  15. Tech Sights Customer Support. A+

    Thanks for posting this. Good to see. Had a set on a marlin back in the day that was solid and were way better than the stock sights.
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