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  • I"am big into bows. archery ;is away of life for me .mostall my hunting from turkey to elk is done with a stick&string count me in for any shoots upcomming.
    Hello Ephemeratta,

    I belong to the Monadnock Rod & Gun Club in Jaffrey, NH and am a Member of the Board of Directors. We would be thrilled to get some NES participation here at the Club (we're hosting the NES "green" Gunpowderpigfest on the weekend of September 25th).

    We run shoots every Tuesday (5PM till dusk), and Sunday (7AM till 12PM). $5 for 15 targets (3D deer, bear, boar, turkey, wolf, etc.). Non-Members are certainly welcome.

    During the year, we usually run a half-dozen Granite State Bowhunters' shoots. Non-Members of our Gun Club, and Non-Members of the GSB are welcome to these meets.

    If you have questions, feel free to contact me via this forum, or call the Club and leave a message (603-532-7306). Club Member Dave Hanan runs the Tuesday and Sunday shoots.



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