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  1. Innovative robocaller.

    The guys from India seem to get pretty upset if you tell them their mother is a goat.
  2. Dashcam Footage Shows Florida Deputies Ambushed During Traffic Stop

  3. Long gone fox

    Are those chicken feathers in la bocca?
  4. The balls on Biden

    He forgot to mention that all people taking government assistance must get vaccinated. Also forgot to mention all illegals who have crossed or will be crossing the border must get vaccinated. 5 pm speech to the nation and still time for tapioca pudding for desert.
  5. Canada Goose

    There were a good 50 plus walking around a cemetery in central ma yesterday……
  6. 20 Years in Reflection: Where were you on September 11th 2001

    I was at work and had Stern on the radio. This is before he was on satellite radio and before he became an ultra lib and virtually unlistenable. What sticks in my mind is right from the first plane he was saying this wasn’t an accident and when the second plane hit he immediately said we’re...
  7. BBQ Colt Commander

    An exquisite piece of machinery.
  8. Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club

    Good idea for Sunday at least.
  9. Who’s canning ?

    Would they keep the bright green color if you blanched and shocked them first before canning?
  10. 10+1 rounds approved gun list selling at MA gun shops now?

    SHOOTING SUPPLY 848 State Road Westport MA 02790 774-319-5477 Please call the shop if you have any questions. SMITH AND WESSON SHIELD PLUS 11 rounds of 9MM $499 SMITH AND WESSON SHIELD PLUS 9MM 11 Rounds (10+1) Pre-pay yours today and Save over $90 off of MSRP and NO TAX Available With or...
  11. Yes, another shotgun thread.

    Like this one?
  12. Your New Knife!

    I’ve handled that one and it is a beast. Wasn’t sure if the outlet was still open.
  13. Yes, another shotgun thread.

    I’ve used a Nordic Components. https://nordiccomp.com/mxt-fit-guide/
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