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  1. Maura caught Turtleboy's eye for 3D printing comments

    God I hate Markey. He's such a piece of shit.
  2. Maura caught Turtleboy's eye for 3D printing comments

    More evidence that healy's actions are just political attention seeking. I can't stand alyssa milano either. It's not so much that shes a flaming party line liberal, it's that shes just such a big dummy.
  3. The President Trump Megathread

    And yet you still can't respond when challenged on this. Not surprising, given that its so overwhelmingly obvious that you're a troll with absolutely nothing of substance to say. I am flattered that I have upset you so much that you feel the need to refer to me constantly, though. I have...
  4. Piss test for ambian

    You should not test positive for weed if you're taking CBD from a reputable source. I believe the target is < .3% THC. I was looking in to it for my back, which my doctors have not helped me with at all over the last 4 years. There's definitely a ton of bullshit out there. Lots of, "hemp...
  5. Best Martial Arts For Child?

    Yea, lol, excellent question. It was a lot of fun for a while, but still not a good idea. Eventually it did start going too far, though - one of the reasons I left.
  6. DOJ, Second Amendment Foundation Reach Settlement In Defense Distributed Lawsuit

    I love that they've had to block Pennsylvania IP addresses. I can't think of a more idiotic and useless waste of time. It's funny to watch the government fumbling around in 2018 still not actually understanding what teh intarnets are.
  7. Martial Law in Blandford MA tonight.

    I just can't believe "Blandford" is an actual town. Must be out near Borington.
  8. Stun gun/Tazer question

    I watched a whole bunch of taser videos the other night because 1.) I wondered how effective they were and 2.) LOL. The ones you hold against the person seem to vary a bit in effectiveness based on the person. Also the brand of taser. The ones where you shoot the darts at them seem to be...
  9. Dicks Sporting Goods Now Matches Online Prices For Ammo

    Not interested in doing business with them. Buy it cheap and stack it deep from TSUSA. If you need ammo locally just bite the bullet (ha) and pay a little more.
  10. Sig MPX 9mm

    I had a Kriss Vector which I just had to sell to fund some auto repairs. Thing was awesome. Accurate, zero muzzle flip, etc. Cleaning it didn't take long, but it does tend to hang on to every little bit of grunge. Super easy to take apart. Preban mags aplenty - glock mags. I realize they...
  11. Stun gun/Tazer question

    Huh...that's kinda interesting...
  12. Elizabeth Warren’s plan to massively raise taxes

    Note the lack of talk about reducing, or at least reigning in the tremendous amount of waste in, defense spending in order to pay for her socialism. She's as invested in the military industrial complex as every other traitor in Washington. One would hope democrats would be a little more aware...
  13. Best Martial Arts For Child?

    Seriously. My sparring partner and I were not necessarily known for our excellent control during sparring and even wearing shin pads we managed to do some damage. Was definitely limping after a few sessions. Can't imagine a full force kick with no pads. Our instructor tended to pair the same...
  14. All Things Motors (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats...)

    Truck is almost done. I've pretty much sacrificed the entire summer to working on the f***ing thing. Started with a simple brake job but the rear brakes were binding even after I rebuilt them. Morphed into a full stoptech BBK. Little metal work but pretty easy install, actually. Why not...
  15. Pathetic Bumper Stickers

    Any time a bumper sticker mentions healthcare its an automatic fail.
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