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  1. Air Rifle near Boston

    Lots of helpful suggestions but I live in an apartment in Boston and don't have a basement to set up a target in. I see that several local clubs do allow air rifles but as someone mentioned, a crowded range is not the best place to teach a young child.
  2. Air Rifle near Boston

    Just starting to teach my 9 y/o about gun safety with a BB Gun (Red Rider!). Is there a club near Boston that permits air rifles somewhere? Ideally not on the pistol or rifle ranges. Many thanks!
  3. Skeet Lesson

    Anyone ever taken a lesson with Angelo Troisi at Minute Man? Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Storing Guns in Apartment Buildings

    the link in my last post describes the facts of teh case at least as the appeals court had them
  5. Storing Guns in Apartment Buildings

    Technically basement is (probably) OK. See (Thanks for the cite)
  6. Storing Guns in Apartment Buildings

    Thanks. I agree with all the common-sense arguments against but am wondering if anyone knows what the law requires.
  7. Storing Guns in Apartment Buildings

    I'm hoping this is a relatively simple question. If you live in a multi-unit apartment building (in MA) wtih a shared basement storage area, can you store a gun in a locked case in that shared basement? Common sense dictates that you put the locked case inside some other kind of locked storage...
  8. Non-Resident "traveling" with Shotgun

    Thanks to all -- I think this has been very useful (to me at least) to prove at a minimum (as several have pointed out) that the laws are not well understood and unless one is willing to be a test case to prove a point, the easiest way is the best way. While there was confusion about what was...
  9. Non-Resident "traveling" with Shotgun

    But you do agree that it does not take away from what's provided in 129C(h)? -- the right to travel in MA with a shotgun. 129C(p) just provides an additional exemption for people licensed in their home state.
  10. Non-Resident "traveling" with Shotgun

    Here's what I have: HISTORICAL AND STATUTORY NOTES 2002 Main Volume St.1968, c. 737, § 7, was approved July 20, 1968. St.1969, c. 799, § 8, approved Aug. 24, 1969, rewrote the third paragraph, which prior thereto read: “A seller shall, within seven days, report all such...
  11. Non-Resident "traveling" with Shotgun

    Unfortunately there isn't likely to be much, if any, legislative history or at least not a record of it from when paragraph h was added in 1969. But that makes the provision, in my mind, even more unambiguous and therefore not subject to an interpretation other than the most simple one.
  12. Non-Resident "traveling" with Shotgun

    Yes, I'm familiar with case law. The only MA case I find with a reference to the travel statute is Commonwealth v. Lee, 10 Mass. App. Ct. 518 (1980). That case dealt with whether the case mentioned in 129C9(h) had to be a case specifically designed for a gun. No discussion of what traveling...
  13. Non-Resident "traveling" with Shotgun

    129C(p) is a reciprocity/comity provision that does not seem to diminish the right to possess while traveling under 129C(h).
  14. Non-Resident "traveling" with Shotgun

    129C(p) is a reciprocity/comity provision (i.e., a separate right) that does not seem to diminish the right to possess while traveling under 129C(h).
  15. Non-Resident "traveling" with Shotgun

    When a statutue is unambiguous, the basic rules of statutory construction are that words are given their ordinary meaning. There is, to me, nothing ambiguous about 129C(h) other than what it means to "travel" in the commonwealth, which was the subject of my OP and the question which seemingly...
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