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  1. Anyone been to Four Seasons lately?

    I've been in there when there were 50 or more people in there plus a line outside... so yes, 20 is quiet. [cheers]
  2. Police: Woburn Man Who Just Received License To Carry Accidentally Shoots Friend While Showing New Gun

  3. Police: Woburn Man Who Just Received License To Carry Accidentally Shoots Friend While Showing New Gun

    The only thing you can do dumber than shooting your best friend in the neck is to then tell the cops that another person that you (and they) know did it. [slap]
  4. Cohasset man charged with living in Cohasset....

    If this guy is as wealthy and smart and successful as his resume would have us believe, maybe he is the perfect guy to challenge the constitutionality of certain aspects of MA gun law. [thinking]
  5. Gun Buyback on 5/15/21

    Pitiful. Just pitiful. [rofl]
  6. Hitman Firearms

    I noticed recently that the "Hitman" website is still up. Is the shop itself still open?
  7. Gun goals

    Likewise, my most costly gun-related purchase of 2021 is likely to be in the safe category. [thinking]
  8. Do not enter thread.

    I wonder if it worked. [thinking]
  9. Gun Room Build Question - Concrete Foundation Related

    I think what you're calling the "foundation" is really just the floated concrete basement floor. The question then becomes: How thick and well-supported (underneath) is that basement floor and can I add a lot of weight to it without cracking, settling, sinking, etc.). The real fly in the...
  10. The problem with "5 boxes of this, 2 boxes of that, and some of those".

    I can attest to the fact that it ain't easy. [dance]
  11. New 2020 Python

    Colt has always been reluctant to play the Massachusetts handgun certification extortion game. [thinking] LOL!!!!! [laugh] For right now, new and old Python prices remain insane and out of my league... so moot point. [dance]
  12. “Mass Casualty” Incident at Fed Ex facility in Indy

    Funny the timing of all these incidents. When DimocRATS want 'em, DimocRATS get 'em. Almost like magic. [thinking]
  13. R&M Gun vault in East Longmeadow owes us a BIG explanation.....

    Funny how threads wander. A thoughtless dealer in East Longmeadow decides (publicly) that he likes Dementia Joe Biden's anti-2A agenda and next thing you know we are all dissing R&R in Belchertown over anything we can come up with. "I was in there one time and I they didn't fall over...
  14. They keep repeating it. Worcester Board of Health: Gun violence a persistent public health threat

    Silly generic virtual signalling statement. In other words, worthless DimocRAT dribble.
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