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  1. safe public range recommendations in MA?

    Nice. That's would be a small price for me to pay to avoid a heart attack! [thumbsup]
  2. safe public range recommendations in MA?

    Interesting. Any idea if they have a work requirement buydown provision for hideously old disabled seniors? 🤔
  3. safe public range recommendations in MA?

    Just one problem: Membership is now closed. They say to try again next June (2022), but then they also talk about a waiting list being started sometime later this year. [thinking] I'll bet you could get in if you knew the right person or people. [kiss]
  4. safe public range recommendations in MA?

    While I greatly prefer shooting outdoors, I still consider MFS a decent indoor place to shoot. AFS is similar and (I believe) a little cheaper if you are paying by the hour. It's the "luck of the draw" who you're going to be shooting next to. [thinking] It's the 12-gauge shotguns right next...
  5. Responsible Gun Ownership Is a Lie!!

    For the top 3% of gunowners (the "gun super-owners") in 2016 or whenever year that unpublished "study" was supposedly performed... yes. :) Of course, 2016 is 5 years ago now and a whole lot of guns have been added since then. Also, the total number of guns they quoted as being in circulation...
  6. Responsible Gun Ownership Is a Lie!!

    Remember those articles in the leftist media back in 2016 about the "gun super-owners" supposedly taken from a "study" that was never published? 🤡 According to the leftists who wrote it, you had to own 17 guns to be in the top 3%. [mg] So what would be the number today for the top 1%? We'll...
  7. Responsible Gun Ownership Is a Lie!!

    I thought that... 5 guns = Arsenal... was lowering the bar to a new low standard, but I found elsewhere that the leftist media has, in the past, considered 2 guns and 100 rounds of ammo to be an "Arsenal"... meaning that 5 guns is actually pretty generous of Mister Frum. [laugh]
  8. Responsible Gun Ownership Is a Lie!!

    A silly nonsense article for sure, but it's nice to know that the entire membership of NES is in the top 10% of all Americans! 👍 👍 👍
  9. What year did you start shooting?

    I have to go by what dear old Mom remembers (or at least remembered the last time we talked about it) and that was roughly 1960 with a .22 S&W single shot target pistol on a basement target range that the old man had set-up to practice on. I thought it was slightly earlier than that, but no way...
  10. Mass guys with LTC's... do you carry .45 or 9mm?

    Well, again, the widespread availability of pre-ban magazines kept a lot of folks in smaller caliber/higher capacity handguns right through the Federal AWB and long beyond (and still going strong even today). The real test will come if/when the Federal government passes another AWB that does...
  11. Mass guys with LTC's... do you carry .45 or 9mm?

    1) Fixed it for you to make it a more meaningful premise. 2) I don't remember a big rush from 9mm to .45 post-Federal AWB taking effect, but maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention. 3) Your premise should have included all handguns (range, home protection, etc... not just carry guns)...
  12. White extremism is winning in my Vermont town. I'm selling my animal sanctuary and moving.

    LOL!!!! [laugh] Just took the time to do a little research on Vermont's Mister Michael Shank. Wow! He is the moonbattiest of all noisy, crazed, leftist moonbats. [banana] Certifiably insane! [rofl]
  13. Green member STOLE MY MONEY! Beware of 4406packman!

    Can someone start a new thread re: the search for the missing Christopher B? This one has gone into off-topic Hell. o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O
  14. Green member STOLE MY MONEY! Beware of 4406packman!

    It wouldn't have helped. You know how PP feels about guns & ammo (and anything related). When you filed for the refund, your account would have been locked for life and any money in there held for 6 months. :mad:
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