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  1. Daughter, 32, of former Kentucky lawmaker is shot dead and her father is wounded after gunman storms their $6.5m mansion that has a nuclear bunker

    Violent crazy people are out there everywhere. The trick is to NOT attract their demented (and deadly) attention. [thinking]
  2. Cherry-Popping-Time, Atlantis does a rant....

    This applies to all of us. Suitability is a threat for us to "behave or else" just about everywhere in MA. My story is that I bitched one time in a sternly worded letter to the Town Manager about some proposed town expenditures. Next thing I know, the letter was forwarded to the CoP. Next, I...
  3. I just moved to Maine........

    Perfect!!! 👍 👍 👍
  4. got to shoot a s&w 1917 revolver

    I can. [laugh] Nothing wrong with enjoying shooting a WWI-era anything, let alone a classic Smith &Wesson revolver. [thumbsup]
  5. I just moved to Maine........

    That photo in Post #1 needs to be your new avatar! [thumbsup] Freedom! [cheers]
  6. Magazine Blocks to reduce capacity. Are they legal in MA?

    Well, it's ironic for sure. But the explanation is much simpler. We have evolved over time into a one-party-controlled social-welfare state that ignores the Constitution whenever they feel like it. Even the Republicans here aren't real Republicans. DimocRATS have a total lock on power in...
  7. Magazine Blocks to reduce capacity. Are they legal in MA?

    ... for $200.00. [cheers]
  8. Magazine Blocks to reduce capacity. Are they legal in MA?

    The problem is that there are a lots and lots of provisions of MA gun law that don't get used by Maura et al to zing folks on a daily basis. Hell, some probably don't even get used on a yearly basis. It doesn't mean that they can be wished away. They can certainly be ignored (and probably are...
  9. I just moved to Maine........

    Good luck to you Big Al. I envy your new-found freedom! [thumbsup]
  10. Magazine Blocks to reduce capacity. Are they legal in MA?

    I still see nothing in MA law that says or implies in any way that a "blocked" post-ban hi-cap magazine is good to go. Other states which explicitly permit it, yes. Massachusetts, nyet! [thinking] It's all a bunch of wishful thinking in my opinion. Still waiting for the first test case. [mg]
  11. Ammo storage

    Oh man! This is why I only buy sheet metal anything if I can open the box and fully inspect it before buying. I know you said the box was perfect. That part doesn't surprise me. The boxes spring back. The sheet metal inside doesn't. I feel your pain. Damage problem aside, it looks like a...
  12. Linskey H4038 - semi auto ban

    What a mentally ill POS... as if we didn't already know that. :mad:
  13. RustBlue Gunsmith Natick- 👎

    Ahhh, okay! So they are aluminum, not plastic. Thank you. [thumbsup]
  14. RustBlue Gunsmith Natick- 👎

    I must admit it... this is a mystery. How could any self-respecting gunsmith let a gun leave a shop like that? 🤔 All the silly Bodyguard bashing aside, is that a plastic AirSoft sight like some have suggested? Can anyone figure out the sight's brand? Model? :oops: I can't.
  15. Police: Distracted driver leads to discovery of ‘ghost’ guns, two Mass. men arrested

    Nah. That's all they had left on their EBT cards. [thinking]
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