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  1. Reciprocity with our neighboring States

    Federal law takes over on a drive thru. Buuuuuuut if you have no permit for that state it MUST be in a locked case inaccessible from the seat. IE in the trunk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Bass Pro won't ship powder to RI

    I have been going back and forth with their customer service via email. They will not explain why they will not ship to Maine, (I asked specifically). There is no Maine Statute that prohibits the internet sale of components. Bass Pro remains adamant about not shipping to Maine and will not...
  3. Success!

    When ever I am working up a new load, I will load them up then go out back and see how they work. Every time I do this I am greeted at the door when I come back inside. She has me hold up my hands so she can do a finger check!!

    Nope just paying for return shipping and cost of ammo.
  5. Can I load 5.56 cases using .223 bullets and Load data.

    No George you shouldn't be using that unsafe range brass!!!! Send it to me and I will dispose of it properly!![smile]
  6. thinking about starting reloading

    But now instead of spending time and gas running around looking for ammo you are doing it to look for components!!!!!
  7. 9mm crimped brass

    Here is another way to deal with it------------------- I can knock out about 500 cases an hour, without breaking a sweat....
  8. ME CCW Permit under 21 Question

    Just found this---dealer sales have to be 21 non dealer 18 ---- States Imposing Minimum Age Requirements for All Firearm Purchases: Although federal law prohibits licensed dealers from selling long guns to persons under 18, there is no federal regulation of the sale of long guns by unlicensed...
  9. ME CCW Permit under 21 Question

    Once you had everything in place the next hurdle would be trying to find someone to provide ammo. Yep you guessed it got to be 21 to buy handgun ammo.,
  10. Difference in polish level with lizard bedding?

    Put it in and let it run with just the media for a bit. clumps go away. No spirits for me
  11. Satisfying "Proof of knowledge of Handgun Safety" for ME permit

    Just spent some quality time on the State's site. If you let your permit lapse for more than 6 months you have to reapply as if new. But if it is just a normal renewal I don;t think you need to send the training certificate again. It is worth a call to them though.
  12. 9mm components locally?

    I was up to Hooksett on Monday. Both had a decent supply three weeks ago of the normal tried and true powders. THis week those seemed to be non existent. They still had a good supply of powder at Shooter's just bring your list of what you can use and ya might get lucky. Shooter's had a good...
  13. Difference in polish level with lizard bedding?

    I had run a bunch of brass before I learned about the dryer sheet trick. My media was a very dark shade of grey. After running it with the dryer sheet, the sheets came out black and the media looked almost new.
  14. Difference in polish level with lizard bedding?

    NuFinish and a dryer sheet in the litter. Mine comes out wicked shiney!!
  15. SA XD in 45acp. Worth getting?

    I have the XD 5" Tactical, XD 4" Compact both in 45ACP and the XDm 3.8 compact in 9mm. All three are great shooters, accurate and a joy to shoot. Everytime I think I like one over the other, I shoot one of the other ones and it starts all over again.
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