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  1. Help Identify Dumpster Dive Score

    I saw something similar on the news, it an AR -multi full auto weapon of war.
  2. Question for oil burner tech

    Thanks! Very nice offer. I am going to check the local supply house in the morning. If they don't have it in stock, I will take you up on the offer. PM on the way.
  3. Question for oil burner tech

    I have a Beckett oil burner on my boiler. The blower motor won't spin and the safety lock-out trips. I disconnected the motor from the pump and pushed the reset button, the motor won't start to spin unless I give the blower a little spin, then it will spin at what seems like full speed. My...
  4. Berta won't be making 2 and a Half Men breakfast

    RIP funny lady
  5. Need an FFL in MA on the NH border.

    I think gun and sport north in Salem NH has a Massachusetts FFL and an office in methuen for transfers.
  6. I found a broken iPhone in the road: waiting for the owner to track it to my house (Police have been notified)

    I found a phone a few years ago. I called Mom in the contacts and told her I had the phone. I gave her my number to contact me because the lost phone was almost dead. A couple minutes later I got A call from the police. The kid that lost the phone had run away from home. I met mom at the cop...
  7. Help me make a Funny Meme!

    Ahhhhhh! Only a couple years until grandpa takes me shooting!
  8. Things you can say at the dinner table and in bed.

    Do you want a big Italian sausage?
  9. Things you can say at the dinner table and in bed.

    Swallow it fast and you won't taste it.
  10. Things you can say at the dinner table and in bed.

    I hope you're hungry, your getting a footlong.
  11. New family member (dog)

    Somepup just got a whole new family to devote their life too.
  12. 2020 Fishing thread

    My wife loves using poppers and jitter bugs at dusk. I think everyone on the lake hears when she catches fish. They all think she's going to jump off the boat when she hooks the first one of the evening.
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