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  1. Nice

    That didn't last too long.
  2. Ruger MK2

    If you leave them to figure it out they will be able to handle it the next time.
  3. Burn Barrel

    Go to a scrap yard and get a washing machine drum. They work great because all the holes let air in to help burn better.
  4. Buying a gun from an old relative who's license wasn't renewed

    And maybe bring a lawyer with you. Better to be prepared going in than fight afterwards.
  5. We open a fireproof gun safe after a house fire - See what’s inside!

    If the plastic parts didn't melt, could the metal parts have gotten hot enough to be damaged?
  6. Throw me some good vibes folks

    Hoping for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
  7. Neil Peart has Died...

    Sad news, Rush was my first concert. R.I.P.
  8. Rainy days with a welder and woodstove

    Nice, now I'm hungry.
  9. FL Cop Shoots himself while attempting to shoot the family dog

    "I can't tell you what was going through the officer's mind at the time" , but we know what was going through his hand.
  10. The Florida man challenge

    Florida man arrested for biting boys out of frustration.
  11. Renewal help

    I can just mail it like Jack suggested. Now I just need to find the address.
  12. Renewal help

    I can't seem to get it to work. There is not any purchase button on the basic membership if it's not expired already. And I aslo need advice on how to pay for minininjer, she won my karma. Thanks.
  13. Gun safe

    At TSC in Pelham NH. they set the combination to the store number.
  14. What to do when a police station delays your renewal LTC past your experation date?

    I waited until the last minute, I was out of town a lot. Called the PD appointment was 2 days later. Was told it could take 2 months. License would expire before the next one came. Hold receipt, no worries
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