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  1. O Canada

    Why does Troodoo's face look like one that would inspire someone to beat him within an inch of his useless existence?
  2. CNN - Communist News Network is a Dumpster Fire

    Doubtful that would ever happen, considering most cable subscribers these days are in the fifth, sixth, or later decades of life. The younger demo isn't using cable - at all. But, so far, the cable replacements - Youtube TV, Fubo and a few others - are carrying CNN so the cash continues to flow...
  3. CNN - Communist News Network is a Dumpster Fire

    Cable content providers like CNN get a huge chunk of change from the cable providers that have to pay for the right to carry. CNN is on every cable so they bring in a lot of moola. Not enough to pay a lot of million dollar salaries but enough to keep the lights on and the 24 year old producers...
  4. Boston globe Mill article

    One Karen suggested the town buy the building. Umm...if that happens, wouldn't that take the property off the tax rolls? I think the Mill should become a hotel for the illegals currently at Joint Base Cape Cod. The Mill could house them and a lot more. 😅 😅😅 There must have been a hell of a...
  5. Boston globe Mill article

    Probably right, but where were the FFLs that "cluster" at the Mill? They should have been there - all 80 of them.
  6. BIG WIN! Judge Says Ghost Gun Ban Is Unconstitutional!

    This may only be for the free states but maybe it will apply in Mass - someday.
  7. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    I'm sure you could. During the account creation or at the checkout, you can add a new shipping address. All orders I've received from Target were well-packed.
  8. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    What many don't realize is the order can be held at other locations such as a Staples store or some supermarkets. The UPS site is not always convenient.
  9. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    You can set up an account on both Fedex and UPS that will allow you to redirect a shipment or hold it for pickup. There are a few shippers of high value items that disallow the carriers to re-route a shipment, but I don't think Target is one of them.
  10. Happy 4th of July to all my NES family

    I read that the NRA actually supported her in 2012 when she ran Congress: The NRA endorsed Hochul in 2012 when she ran, and lost, the race for the 27th Congressional District seat to Republican Chris Collins. Hochul had an "A" rating with the NRA and for a House voting record to protect the...
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