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  1. Can a CT “other firearm” be made into SBR?

    State Police want to Track the Date of MFG of each Pre Ban now. Check with them.
  2. Estimates of AR15 ownership in USA?

    My Guess 50 to 100 Million style ar platform
  3. Question about bringing pre-ban rifles into CT

    mudbdriver you are Correct, We just have to wait and see what happens and I feel it will not be good for Gun Owners. Ned Ran on Gun Control, and he will Sign any and all new Gun Control Laws. Even a Full Ban on Semi Auto ( all will be listed as AW) My Thoughts only. What are yours
  4. Question about bringing pre-ban rifles into CT

    There is NO AR-15 TYPE right now, There Maybe at a hometown near you very soon. There is a AK-47 TYPE that is why you cannot own one in the State of Connecticut. When Type is Added to the AR platform it will be a new Standard for gun owners and the state police to follow...
  5. Can a CT “other firearm” be made into SBR?

    Don, Do you have a picture of other side of the firearm you posted so we can see the markings
  6. Can a CT “other firearm” be made into SBR?

    Talk to an Gun Attorney before you purchase any Pre Ban As you better have all the paper work from the MFG. When The Pre Ban enters the State of Connecticut Showing the Date of Mfg. so the FFL knows it is a Pre Ban. Good luck
  7. Can a CT “other firearm” be made into SBR?

    Don, for now, I am guessing you were not at the CCDL Meeting last night. There are going to Major changes to the Gun Laws 2018-2019 Session, This is a LONG Session and any one can bring up a Bill and they will. So if any one wants one Better get it now. The picture you show does...
  8. Connecticut Street Legal

    Great news, I will call this the Connecticut "short barrel other" No Tax Stamp Needed. Thank you Connecticut you just saved me 200$ SBO
  9. Connecticut Street Legal

    Yep, the new AR-CT-OTHER and the State Police said it is legal to purchase with a ruling, I am sure Ned and Tong will make quick work on banning this "Other" if elected. How can this be kept under the rug for long now that every shop is selling the New CT OTHER. That is a very...
  10. Are stripped lowers in CT legal?

    Don California featureless Rifles ok, Now we need some direction on Connecticut legal Rifles. I really do not know why the CCDL does not push the state to rule on what is legal so we can all follow the law as insane as it is. I have Contacted them many times and have...
  11. Are stripped lowers in CT legal?

    When our new SCJ gets put on the bench a lot of gun-related state guns laws should fall. I hope the CCDL has already filed with the Supreme Court to repeal many if not all illegal gun laws put into place. If we cannot win now we will never win.
  12. Are stripped lowers in CT legal?

    Your Funny, Lowers can be sold if they are legal to own, there are lowers that are sold now in the state. As long as the lower has a fixed Mag and you need tools to remove the Mag you can own it. Who told you that you cannot. You can also own a " OTHER " that is not a rifle or a pistol...
  13. Are stripped lowers in CT legal?

    I think the 10 round mag cap will go away soon.
  14. Are stripped lowers in CT legal?

    Still looking for a legal AR style lower to sell, I think I have come up with something. But not sure yet. Question, What makes an ar style lower illegal ?? or legal? Can a lower with a fixed mag be sold? Then the owner can build a legal under ct law later? like an ...other or...
  15. CT out to slow gun purchases

    what are you guys talking about???
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