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  1. Protesters on Boston Common

    I can so easily see how that could happen - darned hear happened to me.. I used to work security in Jersey City and Newark. Some of sites were dog sites, so I had to have one of our guard dogs with me. One night, I'm getting my gear out of my trunk at the Jersey City YMCA (at the time, it was...
  2. Dry fire & Dummy rounds- M1 & Mauser

    Nice; wish they had .303. And those zipper pulls - I'm traveling this month, but after that I shouldn't need to worry about TSA having a meltdown, so I might have to get me a set! [smile]
  3. Dry fire & Dummy rounds- M1 & Mauser

    Dry-fire all you like; you won't hurt the Garand. As for dummy rounds, find a friend who reloads and have him make some up with no powder and no primer. Mark the bases with magic marker or something.
  4. Vermont Sen Baruth bill to ban carry of ANY semi auto.....

    No, we weren't. Unfortunately, we got A) blindsided by FlipFlop Phil and then B) the vote got nastily split by Ken Stern running for governor. People were terrified that he couldn't defeat the Democratic candidate (and the Dem's flipped sides to vote Phil back in!) and so we wound up with...
  5. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Working my through two series: The Twilight Zone, and Nazi Mega Weapons. TZ is, of course, THE classic SF series. Nazi Mega Weapons talks a lot about the engineering works they built - bunkers, the Atlantic Wall, the Seigfried Line, but it also has episodes on U-boats, their tanks and planes...
  6. Anyone have a Ruger Wrangler?

    Nice little gun; I bought some for my shop. One of them wound up under the tree for Luv2BFree. It's basically the same size and shape as a Single Six, and can use grips and holsters made for the Single Six. Fixed sights, alloy frame and the finish is Cerakote rather than bluing, which let...
  7. A Rant, if I may....

    I would be fascinated to know how you know what sex with Oprah is like.
  8. Handcuffed man shot inside police cruiser

    Prince George's County. Why am I not surprised?
  9. Losing a friend to Alzheimers!

    Sorry to hear it, Kim. That is my personal worst fear - that I come down with TDS Alzheimers. All I can say about the TDS is just change the subject every time he brings it up. That's what I do with some of my Brothers who suffer from TDS.
  10. getting ghosted in classifieds

    Guy is getting a divorce, so I'm pretty sure banging his wife isn't going to be an effective threat. YMMV.
  11. Military Sidearm Winter Shoot

    Thing more like 12x24 or so. With a woodstove. And room for the tractor & motorcycles.
  12. Military Sidearm Winter Shoot

    Well... I took out the P.08, intending to shoot the match. Unfortunately, the 10th round (CCI Blazer 115gr FMJ) failed to extract... and while I was struggling with it to try and clear the jam, I dropped the Luger into the snow. Now that it's been freshly field stripped, cleaned and oiled...
  13. Mercedes Driver Jumps 330 Feet Over River

    News article is useless; there's no video at all. I want to see the video.
  14. J&J Arms is getting protested tomorrow at the Dedham town meeting

    Strange... didn't ask me for any.
  15. Military Sidearm Winter Shoot

    Cool. I can dig out the P.08. I'll have to ask my friend if I can use his Steyr 1914 that was converted to 9mm - it's got the 08 on the slide signifying that it can take P.08 ammunition. (I'm storing it for him until he gets his LTC back) Question - my wife has a Colt 1892 that family history...
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