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  1. Judge shuts down North Attleboro Gun Club Until Improvements Made

    Jeez, finally someone who actually knows what he's talking about posts. Good analysis, Rob. Hey, you don't like the way I shoot - and the way that EVERY BULLSEYE shooter shoots - too bad. Seriously - you're making fun of him because he's older than you and shooting in the exact manner...
  2. FFL's that won't release a transfer after three days if no proceed on a nics check

    Yup. Me, too. Too many stories out there about FFLs with a changed address on them. You're wrong. Interstate sales require an FFL. And any FFL who's even moderately cautious, like, say, me, will immediately go to the FFL EZChek and make sure that the shipping address is correct. That said, I...
  3. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    I am. Her birthday present just arrived from Zanders. :)
  4. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    My Shootin' Buddy let me move in when I filed for divorce. 6 months later, we moved to Vermont. Two and a half weeks later, two days after my divorce was final, I proposed to my Shootin' Buddy. The last 8 years haven't been easy, but we just celebrated our 7th anniversary. :)
  5. .44 Magnum, rapid fire..

    When even Jerry friggin' MICULEK waves his hand after shooting 6 rounds, you KNOW he was handling some serious recoil. I wonder if he'd be crazy enough to try some of those handloads that @EddieCoyle does.
  6. Called out for not wearing a mask

    At that point I'd have left. Plenty of other restaurants that don't require face panties. And that confuses me most of all. Um... hello? You're going to be leaning over my open mouth while I'm STILL BREATHING... so why does it matter if I'm wearing a non-medical mask to walk back to the chair?
  7. Ruger Mark IV’s, do I want one? Which one?

    "cleaning the mark 3 is like wrestling an angry honey badger." [rofl][rofl][rofl] That is EXACTLY why I sold my Mark III. It was a tack-driver, but cleaning it? And this from a guy who's owned a Mark I since 1982!! Do me a favor and PM me when you decide to sell the Hunter; I've had one on...
  8. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    I just let her know. If it's a big purchase, I'll ask her opinion, not permission. (last time I asked was when I found one of my grail guns at a gun show while I was checking out the other dealer tables. Her reply text was "Go for it!" Still have that little Colt 1903.) OTOH, when big outlays...
  9. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    Didn't I buy a stainless polymer stocked 10/22 from you? I would've sworn it was you. Just checked my database; that rifle is old enough that it's in there - and sure enough, purchased from "Frosty" on 1/3/2008. Anyway, this stock is what they call a "boat paddle" stock, and is highly...
  10. Rutland VT Gun Show this Weekend 9/19-20

    The last show at the Holiday Inn was the first weekend of last March; it was the LAST gun show (with the exception of the show at the Fairgrounds) in Vermont. I didn't bother to do the Fairgrounds because it's like being in a barn - did one once and Nickle, who was helping me, came very close...
  11. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    Wow... lotta names here I haven't seen in a long time! [wave] Since this post was started, I got divorced and married NESer Luv2BFree. Next Monday is our 7th anniversary, and we were married wearing matching (well, sorta) Officer's ACPs. She's the other name on my FFL... [smile] Two less...
  12. Sig P365 owners

    Wait - THIS doesn't affect the function of your firearm? So this is a range toy and you don't carry it, I assume?
  13. Sig P365 owners

    Have you tried sending it back to Sig for repair?
  14. Anyone know what made these tracks?

    Wow, someone else who remembers his call sign!!
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