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  1. Sig Sauer P220 CARRY SAS

    Bump . Still for sale !
  2. Old member just joined !

    Glad to be back !
  3. Sig Sauer P220 CARRY SAS

    Up for sale is my Sig Sauer P220 Carry SAS Pistol chambered in 45 I have shot this gun once at the range and it is in GREAT shape . It comes with 4 magazines . 2 black point tactical holsters as well as 2 other holsters . It comes also with the original case and all accessories . I am located...
  4. Sig Sauer P229 Nightmare

    Up for sale is a Sig Sauer P229 Nightmare 1 of 500 I have taken this gun to the range ONE time and it is in immaculate shape . It comes with 4 mags and 2 holsters as well as the original case and all accessories. I am located in CT and can do FTF sales in state or ship via my local FFL . 1400$
  5. Should An Arrest With No Conviction Prevent Me From Getting A Conceal/Carry In CT?

    Keep me updated. I am going through a similar situation. Submitting my app to the local trooper this week.
  6. Juvenile record - what to do?

    I hadn't been told I could go buy a handgun without the permit. I thought the proper order was to obtain the permit then purchase the firearm.
  7. Juvenile record - what to do?

    I already wrote a letter giving light to the situation and what happened. I also explained that it was quite some time ago. I got 3+ character ref as well. I figure its better be forthcoming then have it come out and be automatically denied. I just hope it will go through to answer your...
  8. Juvenile record - what to do?

    m1911 - im going to contact the person you gave me and see if she can point me in the right direction also.... thank you so much
  9. Juvenile record - what to do?

    Altezza Thanks for your advice. Do you know where I can pull my record and check? I hope your correct ;)
  10. Juvenile record - what to do?

    Yes I am located in NW Connecticut. I was with some friends who entered a vacant house without being invited. Like I said its been about 10 years since then and my record has been spotless (not even a traffic ticket) The attourney would be an option but I wanted to get peoples opinions...
  11. Juvenile record - what to do?

    I couldn’t find an old thread on this.. If there is, my apologies.... About 10 years ago as a juvenile I got in trouble. I was about 16-17 at the time and was told it would be wiped from my record when i turned 18. Now a grown and fully responsible adult almost 10 years later I would like...
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