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  1. Colt suspends production of AR-15 for "civilian market"

    Wow.. didn't see that coming
  2. NH: 2020 proprosed bill titles [LSRs] are now on line

    I agree. It is going to be a sad day for us when he leaves office.
  3. Disarming Police in Vermont

    This got me soooo steamed I had to send her a response: So you are ok with telling the officers kids and spouse "I'm sorry you lost your spouse/father. I take full responsibility. He/she did their best to find the root cause of the violent situation but unfortunately it only took the murderer...
  4. You all in MA so screwed: Does not look good for gun owners in MA.

    I would pay any property tax withn my means to become an TRUE FREE American citizen.
  5. Shooting in CA

    Right because the current laws are obviously working so well.. .
  6. Birthday couldn’t come at a better time: What NH gun shops should I visit?

    Shooters is an Elite Sig dealer so besides the thousands of guns to choose from they have a fantastic selection of Sigs also..
  7. moving to NH from MA

    I applaud your decision to move to The United States of America.. Home of the FREE!!!!! LIVE FREE OR DIE....
  8. Natchez shooters Blazer brass 115gr

    It was .16 a round for the 1050 box.. 1000 round box was .18 a round....
  9. Hillary Clinton loses security clearance after server scandal

    Could not have said it better myself... PROVABLE CRIMES.. Yet she still walks freely.. Makes me sick...
  10. Natchez shooters Blazer brass 115gr

    The ammo i bought wasn't the loose rounds. It came in a box that had 3 smaller boxes of 350 rounds. Each box has the bullets in just the white plastic 50 round holder.. I normally buy bulk from Target Sports but the Natchez box was a great deal.. I'm looking to see if anyone has bought the...
  11. Natchez shooters Blazer brass 115gr

    I have been using BB 115 gr (5200) for years with no issues.. I bought the Natchez bulk 1050 rounds (52001). When it arrived I inspected the rounds and immediately noticed the brass casings have areas of what looks like corrosion (dark spots). It's going to be a couple weeks before i get to...
  12. Vermont Supreme Court rules against NIMBYs in shooting range case

    Congrats!! always nice to see things go our way once in a while.
  13. NSSF filed vs AGO!

    Thsi is true and as long as it is in the Mass courts, we will never get a win.. it needs to be appealed to the USSC and if so I hope not until a couple justices vacate and Trump can add some suitable replacements. But yea we are screwed..
  14. After Nearly 100 Years of Gun Control, London Adding Knife Control

    Wow these people truely have no f'ing clue.. absolutely no clue.. so why stop with knives, how about box trucks, hammers, Axes, Shovels with a "Sharp metal" edge etc.. because based on the stats.. It's obviously working isn't it. wow just wow..
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