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  1. Beer

    Yup. The wife is the beer person at a liquor store.
  2. My range is now closed...

    Taunton R+P is closed. Just saw the announcement on FB.
  3. Beer

    My wife would often just grab a bottle straight off the shelf in the cellar and we'd drink it at that temp. Outside of that, if it seems too cold just let it sit a while or hold the glass in your hands a bit to warm it up.
  4. SOLD GT Avalanche 3.0 mountain bike

  5. Beer

    Thought the forum might appreciate this one
  6. NES-Themed Selector Switch Markings

    Not Guilty / Guilty / Cord Wood
  7. Boris Johnson wins UK PM vote

    The amount of butt-hurt in the UK right now is great. All the same things you saw here after Trump won.
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