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  1. Need help! Glock 19

    A few times, after sending in a Glock with expired factory OEM night sights, they actually swapped them out for a newer set at no cost. Not brand new sights, but only a few years old. I'm guessing they were sitting on a surplus that were too aged to sell, was a nice surprise.
  2. Need help! Glock 19

    They are a little more cautious with the newer gen guns due to the whole "not supposed to be sold in MA" thing. Last time I sent in a Gen 4 with a messed-up frame, they requested a copy of the FA-10 to prove it was registered in MA before they would replace with a new frame. They've never asked...
  3. Need help! Glock 19

    If Glock needs to replace a frame on an older Gen 2 pistol for Massachusetts, the owner will almost always receive a Gen 3 frame bearing a new serial number, at no cost.
  4. Pioneer Valley Arms - East Longmeadow

    Quick heads up, our website is up and running and full of great content. Check out Pioneer Valley Arms – 50 Shaker Road, East Longmeadow, MA 01028-2731 for info on our used gun inventory, new arrivals at the store, some of the services we offer, and more.
  5. Pioneer Valley Arms - East Longmeadow

    Yes, 10am until 6:30pm. Credit card readers are being installed tomorrow, so we should be able to process payments with any major credit cards by the end of the day.
  6. Pioneer Valley Arms - East Longmeadow

    Glad you like it! Inventory will be expanding this week as far as accessories, holsters, etc. We are starting out modest, but eager to expand. Looking forward to seeing you at the shop again soon! - Mike
  7. S&W Event at Guns Inc.

    S&W promo event going on at Guns Inc. this upcoming Saturday the 8th. There's a giveaway going, top prize is a free M&P9 2.0! Some discounts and freebies, too. Check it out: 2018 Smith & Wesson Sales Event – Guns Inc for the rest of the info.
  8. Article on improving Smith & Wesson revolver triggers. Please review.

    Btw, another great video to watch, the only downside being that Nutnfancy needs to learn to shut up for a few minutes and let his guests talk: https://youtu.be/I4GtXq2XXOI
  9. Article on improving Smith & Wesson revolver triggers. Please review.

    Very impressive article. On a quick scan, the only thing that jumped out was that your coverage of the single action only addressed replacing the rebound spring to adjust pull weight. Another major influence is the angle that the single action sear is cut (as well as the polish of the cut)...
  10. Olympic Arms Going Out of Business

    http://www.olyarms.com Big announcement on their main page.
  11. New Ruger MK IV Pistol

    A little annoying that all the MA SKU's are more expensive than the standard versions, but the target wood grips are much nicer than the checkered laminate on the other models.
  12. BassPro Shops Violating Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act - 18 U.S.C. § 922(t)(1)

    "If you do not receive a response from us, the Brady Law does not prohibit you from transferring the firearm after three business days." They word it carefully for this exact reason.
  13. 627 performance series FTF

    I'd say the original owner swapped a couple springs or backed off their strain screw to lighten the pull, which can lead to light strikes especially in ammo with hard primers. Can you get a hold of them to inquire what work has been done to the gun?
  14. Shield 9mm Trigger Stuck to rear?!

    Try dry firing the pistol. Does the break feel like it is farther back than it used to be before the DCAEK was installed?
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