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  • Any chance there are unclaimed or unwanted NES group buy lowers still available somewhere? Of course I find a bargain upper shortly after the buy closes!! If not then where do you recommend I go to NOT pay $150 for a lower around here? Thanks!
    D2D said: Once the buy is closed, I will contact participants via PM or e-mail and confirm their orders.

    I understand the privacy issue and don't want to be *too* much of a pain but having trusted the USPS with a cashiers check for nearly $400, does it make sense to verify with buyers before the buy is closed. I'd hate to think my request for 4 lowers fell into the lost mail bucket at the Post Office.

    Thinking about one more through REMSport, but that will be PayPal.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    Dave Gill in Sharon, MA
    D2D. Are you sure YHM understands they may be shipping to 10 different FFL'S who may be in 4 different states. Keep ip the good work. Bill
    Yeah, I hear ya man. I'm bummed to miss what looks like the best NES shoot yet, but my work needs me to do some things. Have fun, and I'll catch up with you soon enough! [cheers]
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