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  1. Kobe Bryant’s Dead

    The don’t operate S-76s.
  2. New England Ballistics Services

    Just heard a radio ad for this outfit. They’re telling people that they are responsible if someone steals their gun and uses it in a crime. WTF?
  3. Taran Butler in hot water?

    I gave up well before 20 seconds. Douche all the way
  4. A Letter from HR:. We Need to Chat

    I only skimmed over it and know it’s fake. It’s a poor attempt at a lame joke.
  5. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    and warm
  6. P320 grip questions

    Cut the ears off with a razor knife. Worked for me.
  7. NES-Themed Selector Switch Markings

  8. NES-Themed Selector Switch Markings

    Thread locked/Tin Foil Hat/Full Blown Retard
  9. Non resident Ltc with pre ban mini 14 side folder

    Nice is one thing. Giving people their personal interpretation of the law is another.
  10. Non resident Ltc with pre ban mini 14 side folder

    Do not listen to any legal advice coming out of that Chelsea office.
  11. At least 60, incl. children, injured after Boeing 777 dumps fuel on elementary school outside Los Angeles

    Why simply dump when you could put on a good show? A 777 flying low over LA shooting trails of fire would cause epic hysteria.
  12. Who's that guy on your squad?

    cool story
  13. Four way flashers on while it's snowing...WTF???

    I'm not gonna look it up but for trucks there is (was?) something about flashers on if moving >10mph below the speed limit. Probably buried in the FMCSA book somewhere.
  14. ALERT: RBG Pancreatic Cancer - SCOTUS Statement

  15. Four way flashers on while it's snowing...WTF???

    Those running 4 ways in the rain or snow are idiots of the highest degree.
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