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  1. General questions on Credit Ratings

    From the WSJ, October 21, 2019:
  2. DUNKIN’ DONUTS permanently closing 800 locations across the U.S.

    I used to do four mugs a day. I cut back to two mugs a day and then wound up developing GERD. It took me four days to quit: One mug, one half a mug, one quarter, one quarter, and done. I've had maybe seven cups of coffee over the last ten years. (GERD caused the worst pain I have ever...
  3. covid hits home for me

    Sad to hear. My best wishes to friends and family.
  4. Just another thing to watch out for when riding (motorcycle)

    Apologies for the thread drift: @SpencerT if you live near an off-road riding area, consider a dual-sport; you could potentially spend many happy hours - alone or.with family - riding off-road. Definitely no cages!
  5. NES Motorcycle ride?

    I'd be interested, though the route is probably going to be jam-packed full of cages. I'd definitely be interested in an alternate route, plus if you take I-95 to get there you'll probably go right past my neighborhood.
  6. Non-Cruiser motorcycle riders?

    Forgot to change the blinker fluid?
  7. work or worked at an auto dealership?

    You raise a good point - The financials that I see are for the department as a whole, and not for individual vehicles... and there've been many news articles about how truck sales have the highest margins. I'd posit that your dealer simply knows that they can sell that vehicle to someone else...
  8. work or worked at an auto dealership?

    I've seen the financial statements of many dealerships. The margins on vehicles and parts are slim. It is, indeed, the service department that generates the most gross profit.
  9. Where do you get your news? Who can we trust?

    WSJ (print version) and Reuters.
  10. Legal ethics question

    Over the last twenty years of my career I've examined probably tens of thousands of commercial and residential loans that have had title insurance. Not once have I ever seen a title insurance policy pay out. (Edited for grammar.)
  11. Which Caliber for Cicada?

    But will it fit in a bug-out bag? (Inquiring minds want to know!)
  12. Non-Cruiser motorcycle riders?

    After spending a few hours today at a buddy's house, the Accord came home wearing a trailer hitch, which means U-Haul trailer rentals (all of $15/day), which means track days this year! Yaaaahhoooo!!!
  13. Monkey From Tewksbury

    Whatever fits in a banana clip, I suppose.
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