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  1. WTS Life time of reloading #1

    The story is that my best friend passed away and I am selling all of his reloading and shooting stuff. We removed 4 pickup loads. Here is what we have so far. Additional posts to follow. Sorry no guns or loaded ammo. I do not know a lot about reloading or what is here, just helping the family...
  2. WTS Life time of Reloading #2

    List of reloading dies. Remember from the original post, brass and bullets are probably available. Mixed brands, RCBS, Lee, Redding. 41 Mag 45 Auto 9mm 308 Win 38 Auto 45-110 Sharps 22-250 6mm Rem 50-70 .243 7mm Rem Mag 338-06 30-06 30 Gibbs .375 Whelen 204 Ruger 40 Smith 40-60 Winchester 30-40...
  3. Over $2400 yr for Comcast/Xfinity cable/phone/internet..Teach me how to dump it?

    Call up and just tell them the bill is too high and you don't want to switch to another company but....... They will transfer you to a special division that works with $$$$$. My bill dropped $65.00 per month with additional channels. The best part is NO contract. This worked for me.
  4. Sutton MA Title 5 inspection firms

    Call my office tomorrow 413-569-5226. Would be happy to help out a fellow member. Thanks -Brian
  5. Weber Grills worth the $$$$$$$$$ ?

    Absolutely worth every penny!!
  6. Coyote hunting

    Can anyone clairify using a night vision scope on yote at night is legal? Is it considered "artificial Light"? If legal any ideas what works good? Thanks
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