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  1. Popup ad?

    Thank you. Much better.
  2. Popup ad?

    GD it. Intensely annoying infolinks ads on desktop too.
  3. Shooting with progressive glasses

    You could try something like these. Ask your eye doctor to have the top part focused at your front sight. Although I've never seen anyone wearing these at my shooting range.
  4. Thank you clients and friends.

  5. NES-Themed Selector Switch Markings

    Not guilty/ Upper decker/Won't be down but epstein is good too
  6. New Sig P365 Owner - Ammo And IWB Holster Recommendations?

    I have a new go-to holster. Got it as a gift from a co-worker who is in the process of getting her LTC. The holster is a Clover Leather Co. tuckable IWB that I've been wearing at my 3 o'clock. I've had it for about a month and it's extremely well made as has worked very well. Comfort and...
  7. LTC Renewal in Lexington - called for an in-person meeting

    I renewed in Lexington this year. It was a painless interview. Hardest part was finding a convenient time.
  8. Manufacturing Firm Charged with Illegally Manufacturing Key Component for AR-15s

    Here’s the Judge’s ruling. It seems I’ve been wrong. An AR lower receiver is not a firearm because it doesn’t have a bolt. The definition of receiver under the ATF regulations...
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