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  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 revealed

    But the downside of a non-removable battery is that your device is never "off" but rather in a low power state that could still track your GPS location and possibly record audio. The NSA's wet dream come true. But who knows, Edward Snowden could also be a figment of my imagination. NEED MOARRRR...
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7 revealed

    Just wait and see how the public reacts to the edge. I have a Galaxy S6 and I could personally benefit with the 5.5 inch screen because that means a larger keyboard and I type extensively on my smartphone. To each their own though. I also watch a lot of movies on my smartphone so again the...
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7 revealed

    It is just a gimmick. But I personally think the edge's usefulness hasn't been discovered yet. I could imagine some kind of app that functions like a musical instrument and people can use the edges like a slide on a fret board or something. Maybe some mobile games can come up with creative ways...
  4. Samsung Galaxy S7 revealed

    The extra screen size doesn't draw an additional 700 mAh of power. Let me explain... The pixel density on the S7 edge (5.5 inch) and the standard S7 (5.1 inch) are different in that the edge has a lower pixel density -- 534ppi pixel density for the S7 edge and 577ppi for the standard S7. I am...
  5. Samsung Galaxy S7 revealed

    The S6 standard and S6 edge were pretty much the same thing but the S7 Edge is different from the standard S7 in that it is going to have a 5.5 inch screen where the standard S7 has a 5.1 screen. This increase in the S7 Edge's size also means it is going to have a much bigger battery. The...
  6. What would you do if you heard the dueling banjos in the backwoods?

    The version where inbreds have it out for you and are loaded to their fvcked up teeth with munitions.
  7. What would you do if you heard the dueling banjos in the backwoods?

    Lets suppose you are camping for a week in the American backwoods. Then all of a sudden and out of nowhere you here the infamous dueling banjos from the movie deliverance. Would you run for your life or would you cock your gun? Please vote in the poll via URL listed below: Scenario...
  8. Windows 10 issue, or is it my computer?

    DON'T. USE. WINDOWS. 10. There is a reason why Russia has banned it. BACK SLASH END SARCASM
  9. Gravitational waves discovered!

    100 years ago, you would have been one of the members in the scientific cabal that told Einstein he is an idiot when he initially published his theory. You would have been like "WUT who is this no name Einstein guy and what is this absurdity called relativity? Lets ignore him for years and wait...
  10. Gravitational waves discovered!

    I am sure there will be but any sort of apparatus that takes advantage of gravitational waves probably requires humanity to reach the next level before we can utilize them in some sort of useful way. Remember how James Clark Maxwell's 4 equations which unified electro-magnetism, revolutionized...
  11. Gravitational waves discovered!

    Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge science buff. I woke up this morning to read that Einstein was right, again.. Ladies and gentlemen, gravitational waves are a thing! This is just as significant as the discovery of the Higgs-Boson and only further confirms Einstein's theory of...
  12. A very special "ALLAHU AKBAR" conspiracy theory for those of you that are hungry

    Vox content is usually front page yahoo news. So you know it is legitimate. Back slash end sarcasm.
  13. How much would my vote be worth to a European?

    They did. Clearly they know what is best for us hence why I am selling my vote. Proxy voting can be a quick way to make some cash!
  14. How much would my vote be worth to a European?

    I will accept bitcoins, gold, and cash. No electronic transactions please because if the NSA found out I did this, I would be punished.
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