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  1. Hopefully this virus breaks the nasty habit of some cashiers

    Bag boy habits, costing lives!
  2. Online Technician Course
  3. Online Technician Course

    Looks like the online testing is starting for people who have taken the course or by invitation only. And general public mid-April. I can wait. Going to try for general as well.
  4. America Stress-Bought All the Baby Chickens

    I loved the eggs and lack of mosquitoes, ticks, etc. I hated their shit EVERYWHERE.
  5. Sharing computer peripherals Used it for years and years before hardware became so cheap. Give it a shot.
  6. Businesses Closed and Still Demand Payment

    I pay double that, but all the same benefits. It's not a big-name place (PF, Anytime, etc). One location. I'm there daily. The staff know my name. Basically another small business. I'm not worrying about whether they continue to bill me into May. I just hope they're able to re-open when we get...
  7. Coronavirus Liquor Review: Everclear versus Graves grain liquors

    That is the fanciest Everclear label I've ever seen.
  8. Online Technician Course

    I ended up studying through a purely online resource. Just easier for my WFH lifestyle. Get some time in on the spin bike, on lunch, etc. Any clue if the online testing will be available to the general public?
  9. What are you cooking for the Pandemic?

    Veggie fried rice. Picked up this wok earlier in the year. Love it
  10. Preppers, what did you forget?

    Define alone. Most dogs are OK being alone for 8 hours (normal work day). But they still take a lot of work before and after. And they're expensive. Vet visits are crazy. GSDs have a lot of problems (hips, elbows, skin, etc). Puppies are a lot of work.
  11. Coronavirus Prompts NH Governor To Issue 'Stay At Home' Order

    So long as breweries are essential...
  12. Beginner Base Station

    Our house has a metal roof. Would a vertical VHF/UHF base antenna on a magnetic mount be feasible?
  13. Beginner Base Station

    Yea I'm thinking the ICOM 7300 now. Not much more than the FT-450D and reviews are almost all positive. Thanks!
  14. Beginner Base Station

    Any recommendations for a beginner HAM base station? Considering at the Yaesu FT-450D. Price point is good, willing to spend a bit more though. Thanks for the advise!
  15. HRO closed for in store traffic starting 3/25

    I was hoping to take a swing by this week. Oh well...
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