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  1. Living in New Hampshire

    NH VT or Maine. get out of mass
  2. CBPO Questions

    Great job with great pay. Live in VT and live like a king... Academy is a breeze. Perks to FED LEO? Not really much more than locals but you can move all over the US and around the world if you like....
  3. Texas man suing MA

    More power to him. Maybe I am missing something but requiring guns to be licensed is an infringement...
  4. AR47 pistol FTE

    Did you check for hammer drag? Sometimes polishing the bottom of the carrier or lubing will help with less drag and short stroking.
  5. Shot a bump stock AR today

    Agreed, I am against banning anything.
  6. Shot a bump stock AR today

    It's all or nothing. Either you're onboard or you're not..... I personally don't own one and I personally can bump fire most semi autos just as accurately as anyone with a bump fire stock free hand. Been doing it for years since 1990. if you practice you can do it accurately. However with...

    Dems were in control 100% in 94. up until then, no real ban had ever been passed on regular semi autos. as it was, the ban was on import. They still got around the law and in effect it really did not do too much other than piss people off a little. Thumbhole stocked AKs still functioned the...
  8. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Welcome aboard!
  9. Las Vegas Massacre. Will we ever know all the details?

    Mostly found in his room, various AR15s LMT, Daniel Defense, FNs. He had a couple of ar10s.
  10. AK muzzle detent pin stuck

    I have had several that were stuck. I just tap on them with a punch and usually they will free up. Yes there is a chance it will get stuck, but everyone I have had (several dozen) have always come free.
  11. Glock GEN5 Take Down

    Yes, good quality video! The worst is when you cannot hear what people are saying. I am a glock certified armorer, but I have not handled the gen 5 yet, so it was nice to see some of the differences. Thank you again for taking the time to make it and post it. I will also rate on youtube for you.
  12. Glock GEN5 Take Down

    Good quality video, thank you for posting!
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