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  1. Multi-jurisdiction database gets Georgia man wrongfully arrested

    Also, extremely poor, lazy police work was involved.
  2. Multi-jurisdiction database gets Georgia man wrongfully arrested

    In Georgia, concealed carry license applicants are put into a multi-jurisdiction database along with criminals. Martin Jones we arrested on a mistaken ID specifically as a result of being in that database. Now the authorities have screwed up the victim's record--for no reason. Applying for a...
  3. How many NES members are now considered Felons? ATF AR/AK pistol brace fiasco.

    Seems as if, say, the SBA3 is unlawful to install or ship preinstalled, it should be recalled and/or the ATF should issue one of its edicts specifically telling the unwashed they have to surrender their braces to the government. This is in contrast to owners trying decipher conflicting letters...
  4. big brother listening in on our cell phone convos?

    OK, but that has nothing to do with US cities allegedly being "burned to the ground."
  5. Pittsburgh Area Antifa Leader Tweets Warning To Trump: “We are armed… we will begin to block roads in conservative areas"

    Where are the roads being blocked per this alleged new effort? Pics?
  6. big brother listening in on our cell phone convos?

    Can you name one US city that has burned "to the ground" within the past 5 years due to unrest? During the '68 riots, multiple blocks of a few US cities were burned "to the ground." We have not experienced arson on that scale since, even during the '92 riots in L.A. Lately, there have been...
  7. Looks like Channel 5 is going after oil filters tonight

    Well, today is 11/23, so you already have a linearity-of-time problem.
  8. New home lab ESXi host box.

    On what are you running your vCSA (upgraded to 7.0u1)? I might have missed that in the thread.
  9. Estimates of AR15 ownership in USA?

    NSSF RELEASES MOST RECENT FIREARM PRODUCTION FIGURES Nearly 20 million Modern Sporting Rifles in Circulation
  10. "Surrey RCMP seize doctored SKS rifle"

    Surrey, B.C. It's a Canadian site.
  11. "Surrey RCMP seize doctored SKS rifle"

    Not sure if serious. Surrey RCMP seize doctored SKS rifle
  12. Lawyers discuss the RKBA as it relates to current events

    At the 2020 National Lawyers Convention.
  13. SAF, FPC sue NYC over "proper cause" carry license requirement

  14. My doctor diagnosed me with GAS

    From what I have heard, being overwhelmed, NICS personnel are changing the statuses right to delayed to offload some of the work.
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