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    Been down there three times. Three to five day trips all in September, but I think that’s on the late side for redfish. Once with a guide, the rest on private boats. Bayou Lafourche area, off Port Fourchon/Grand Isle, marshes around Clovelly Farms and between the Lafourche and Mississippi...

    Are you up for traveling? Ever gone for redfish (red drum) in the gulf? They top strike, fight like hell, are beautiful, and taste great. Can roll around in the marshes and go after little males balling up in the holes or get out in the gulf and yank 40” monsters out of spawning schools. Real...
  3. Australians With 3D Printers Turning To Disposable Barrels

    Bingo. Maybe not the exact design he used but close enough. He first built it out of mdf then used it to cut parts out of higher quality plywood.
  4. Australians With 3D Printers Turning To Disposable Barrels

    I once worked with a guy who built a 3 axis CNC router out of MDF, a couple stepper motors, ball screws, and bearings. It worked well enough you could have easily made bolt together ar lowers out of delrin or uhmwpe etc. You are right. Nobody can stop this.
  5. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    It’s a big state with lots of options. When I read these ’Moving out of MA’ threads it strikes me that some folks can‘t get past thinking of states as one homogeneous area. State laws are state laws but beyond that, climate, terrain, culture, and economics can vary wildly from one end of the...
  6. Cambridge Police To Drop Camouflage Uniforms, Reduce Long Gun Inventory

    That’d be fine so long as it’s not coming out of the tax payer’s pocket. If it is publicly funded with no option for the tax payer to opt out then yes, need enters in to it.
  7. The wrong house from which to lift a package

    Yeah not a big deal around here. If a vehicle rolls up that I don’t recognize I’m grabbing a rifle until I know what the story is. Nobody around here thinks anything of it. I‘ve walked outside with a gun in hand to confront a couple guys messing around the back of my house by the electric...
  8. The wrong house from which to lift a package

    Fake or not, I admire the homeowner’s focus on his desired outcome. “Put my shit back on the motherf***in’ porch!” [thumbsup]
  9. News on Steve Foley (SwatGig)

    This is terrible. Very much enjoyed his comments and insights here. Rest in peace Mr. swatgig. Prayers and condolences to your family and friends.
  10. "Executive Order Banning Online Gun Talk – What To Do About It"

    I heard a radio ad for Facebook the other morning. It was kind of pathetic sounding. Cant imagine they’d be buying morning radio spots if they weren’t already bleeding pretty heavily.
  11. 3 neighbors dead following snow removal dispute in PA township

    I grew up on a culdesac. Plow drivers pushed up a big pile between two of the driveways. On heavy snow years they’d make a second pile between two other driveways. We’d spend all day digging them out and make epic snow forts. There would be the usual wash across the drives but nothing out of the...
  12. 3 neighbors dead following snow removal dispute in PA township

    I may or may not have thrown my shovel at the cab of the plow truck once... To be fair, the guy would push snow from an intersection one lot down from my driveway, load the entire mess just upstream from my driveway, then push it across the end. It stopped after I threw the shovel. I imagine he...
  13. ATF Agent Gets Arrested, Video from Officer Cams

    Damn. I was hoping it was Attila. [laugh]
  14. New Room Clearing Technique

    There's a guy at my work like that. This whole mask business has been a God-sent as far as that is concerned. [laugh]
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