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  1. MA AG Healey files amicus brief in Mexico v. S&W

    If for some reason she gets elected as Governor we are screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. WTS LOWER PRICE $850 AR 300 Blackout complete upper with 6x20x50 scope and mount Plus 630 rounds of ammo

    I have for sale a AR 300 blackout upper with scope and mount has muzzle brake installed, comes with charging handle and BCG. also have 190 125 gr sst reloads, 280 220 gr Remington subsonic ammo, 160 120 Gr. Remington supersonic ammo. Also have 4 rubber bands to put on your mags to keep separate...
  3. WTS sold

  4. please delete

    Thanks, Mike
  5. Help I’d this round

    old 30-06, I think the black tip is a tracer round
  6. The New Reloading Component/Equipment Trading Thread - Please read the first post

    I have a lot off 9mm brass will trade you for your 30-30 brass
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